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This document can be found online at Box 1, Folder 8, Item 36 The subject is Jack Ruby stripper Janet Conforto, aka Jada, who was apparently in a big hurry to get out of town the day the President was assassinated. Here are some photos of Jada below:

From Harvey & Lee by John Armstrong, pages 801 and 802 (thanks to Ronald R. Williams who posted this excerpt on the JFK Assassination Forum:

Shortly after 12:00 noon, as employees of the TSBD were lining up on the street to await the Presidential motorcade, the former star attraction of the Carousel Club, “Jada,” was in a hurry to leave Dallas. While driving her 1963 Cadillac convertible (Louisiana license number 941-985) Jada struck pedestrian Charles Burnes as he was crossing Lemmon Avenue. Burnes, who worked for Texas Estimates in Dallas, was taken to a clinic where he was examined and x-rayed for possible injuries. Jada, who was also taken to the clinic, was nearly hysterical and repeatedly cursed at Burnes. After she calmed down Jada used the telephone to call a man who arrived within a few minutes in another Cadillac.

Jada was interviewed by security people who were employed by Texas Estimates and provided a statement. When Jada told them she was employed at the Carousel Club (she was not working there at the time), they asked her if the could get in touch with her later at the Club. Jada said, “No,” and told the security people the Carousel Club would not be open that evening, and she was in a hurry to get to New Orleans.

The pedestrian, Charles Burnes, thought Jada’s comment about the Carousel Club closing was unusual because Friday nights were normally very busy for nite-clubs. While at the clinic, Burnes listened to news reports as they came in over the radio about the shooting of President Kennedy. Following the assassination, the Chief of Security of Texas Estimates provided the information collected by his security people to the FBI. (36)

NOTE: On November 26 FBI agents W.J. Danielson, Jr. and William F. McDonald attempted to locate “Jada.” From the Louisiana State Department of Motor Vehicles in Baton Roughe they learned the Cadillac was registered to Jeanette Conforto whose address was 627 1/2 St. Peters Street in New Orleans. They checked the St. Peters address as well as the address listed for Conforto in the telephone directory but were unable to locate her. (37)

36. Memo from Frank E. Meloche to Jim Garrison, 3/11/67, re: Charles Burnes. (p 844)

37. National Archives, HSCA 180-10046-10327, FBI case files 44-24016-355; FBI teletype from SAC New Orleans to Director and SAC Dallas re: Jeanette Conforto, 11/26/63. (p 844)

For more photos of Jada (you perverts) see:

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That's terrible. My best wishes to Debbie Reynolds.
(For more on the Globe's Bush marriage story see here)

"Experts are calling them the most serious voting-machine flaws ever documented. It requires only a few minutes of pre-election access to a Diebold machine to open the machine and insert a PC card that, if it contained malicious code, could reprogram the machine to give control to the violator. The machine could go dead on Election Day or throw votes to the wrong candidate. Worse, it's even possible for such ballot-tampering software to trick authorized technicians into thinking that everything is working fine, an illusion you couldn't pull off with pre-electronic systems." -- Newsweek, 5/29/06 issue

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Yes, that's what's going to destroy our economy--the movie about global warming.
Candy Barr

I don't go in for UFOs and such on this blog but for those who do the Condon Report, which I read many years ago, can be found online. This government-sponsored study of UFOs came to a negative conclusion but actually contained within it data that supported the existence of a real phenonema. For example, take a look at their conclusions regarding the classic McMinnville UFO Photographs:

This is one of the few UFO reports in which all factors investigated, geometric, psychological, and physical appear to be consistent with the assertion that an extraordinary flying object, silvery, metallic, disk-shaped, tens of meters in diameter, and evidently artificial, flew within sight of two witnesses. It cannot be said that the evidence positively rules out a fabrication, although there are some physical factors such as the accuracy of certain photometric measures of the original negatives which argue against a fabrication.

"it is apparent that an unknown group has backed some of Sturgis's activities." Michael Piper has suggested that the "unknown group" is the Mossad. However, I feel that it may be the CIA, as often even the CIA does not know what the CIA is doing.
X .Dell, over at the X Spot, has been running a series on CIA mind control experimentation. I haven't had the time to more than glance at it but it looks interesting. Here is the latest installment: Ultra Head Games, Pt. IX

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I am sorry that I have not posted much in the last few days. So, to make amends, let me share a joke that I stole from 23rd Mandalation:

Q: How many covert operatives does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Lee Harvey Oswald changed the light bulb and he acted alone.

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Further developments: Xymphora has a good summary of this story here , as does Joseph Cannon

It is encouraging that the propaganda and lies are being discredited almost as fast as they come out--rather than after the war--but, as they say, a lie can travel half-way around the world while the truth is still putting on its boots.

Juan Cole has this to say:

It is typical of black psychological operations campaigns that they begin with a plant in an out of the way newspaper that is then picked up by the mainstream press. Once the Jerusalem Post picks it up, then reporters can source it there, even though the Post has done no original reporting and has just depended on the National Post article, which is extremely vague in its own sourcing (to "human rights groups").
This affair is similar to the attribution to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of the statement that "Israel must be wiped off the map." No such idiom exists in Persian, and Ahmadinejad actually just quoted an old speech of Khomeini in which he said "The occupation regime over Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time."

Update: The first link below is no longer good. The story is "no longer available, (which means that Matt Drudge has a dead link at the top of his site)" It looks like it has been pulled.


So says this story, linked to by WorldNetDaily and Drudge. Shades of Nazi Germany.


Report of Iran Badges for Non-Muslims 'Not True'

The National Post is sending shockwaves across the country this morning with a report that Iran's Parliament has passed a law requiring mandatory Holocaust style badges to identify Jews and Christians.

But independent reporter Meir Javedanfar, an Israeli Middle East expert who was born and raised in Tehran, says the report is false."It's absolutely factually incorrect," he told The New 940 Montreal."Nowhere in the law is there any talk of Jews and Christians having to wear different colours. I've checked it with sources both inside Iran and outside."

"No one is entitled to the truth." --E. Howard Hunt

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Alberto Mora given "Profiles in Courage" Award by the JFK Library Foundation

In December 2002, Alberto J. Mora, then general counsel of the United States Navy, was alerted by Navy investigators to reports that detainees held by the U.S. military at Guantanamo Bay were being subjected to cruel and unlawful interrogation practices. Mora, whose civilian position accorded him a rank equal to that of a four-star general, soon came to learn that the cruel and abusive practices of United States military interrogators at Guantanamo were the result of significant policy shifts at the highest levels of the U.S. government. Over the next three years, Mora waged a campaign inside the Bush Administration to prevent military and civilian leaders from codifying any policy that might implicitly or explicitly sanction the mistreatment of Guantanamo detainees as part of the war on terror.

For his moral courage and his commitment to upholding American values, Alberto Mora was honored with the 2006 Profile in Courage Award.

It is good to be reminded that there are still true American patriots.

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More from Joan Mellen: Halliburton Connections

Jim Garrison often asked during his investigation: Cui Bono? Who benefits? A friend of mine living near “Langley Forks” in Virginia pointed out to me some interesting connections. The Texas School Book Depository, from which some, but not all, of the shots were fired on November 22, 1963, was owned by one D. H. Byrd. Byrd also founded and was the commander of the Southwest post of the Civil Air Patrol, which included Louisiana and the troop led by David Ferrie, among whose cadets was Lee Harvey Oswald.

In November, 1963, one of Byrd's companies, LTV, a major defense contractor, was almost bankrupt. Defense contracts flowing from the Vietnam War changed that, and by 1968 the stock had increased geometrically in value. Meanwhile we know that President Kennedy opposed vehemently a protracted ground war, and that as soon as he was dead, Lyndon Johnson dispatched thousands of troops to Vietnam.

Among Byrd's associates was a man named Neil Mallon, the skull and bones classmate of Prescott Bush. Mallon headed a company called Dresser Industries, and it was Dresser who sent George H. W. Bush, his friend Prescott's son, west to Texas in 1949. It was for Mallon that the first President Bush named one of his sons. Mallon built Byrd's barite plant in Mexico, barite a product involved in oil drilling.

Dresser Industries was bought by Halliburton in 1998, and at that time the Kellogg subsidiary of Dresser became part of Brown and Root. Brown and Root itself had been bought by Halliburton in 1962. It is less well known that Brown and Root profited not only from the war in Iraq, but first from Vietnam. Having recognized the role of Brown and Root, and discovering that George Brown was a CIA asset (as the CIA's own released documents confirm), Jim Garrison hoped to investigate Brown's role.
Mysteries under Moscow

There is another world under Moscow, according to this report from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: criminal settlements, mysterious labyrinths and possibly terrorist groups.

The Diggers' concern has been heightened by sightings of groups of people dressed in camouflage uniforms. In a tunnel under the Centrobank building, the Diggers observed uniformed people in masks equipped with powerful halogen lamps. The Diggers were afraid to follow them lest they should come under fire. So far, security services have not taken the Diggers' reports of these sightings seriously.

Only once have the police responded to a report by Mikhailov. Under the Leningradsky Prospekt the Diggers noticed a detachment of uniformed men at work in a tunnel. The police sent two officers with machine guns to arrest the group, but all of them escaped. Upon investigating the site, the police found evidence of fresh digging. "Who these camouflaged people are," Mikhailov says, "I don't know. Evidently, neither do officials. As far as I know, we are the only researchers working under the city. But if another group or organization is also investigating the underground, who is it? It is neither a military nor a police force. All the state security services say they do not go down."

How serious is the threat of terrorism from below? The Diggers have written a memorandum detailing dozens of entries to closed facilities like bomb shelters and strategic command posts, together with possible combinations of terrorist actions. When the memorandum was submitted to the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Moscow--the former KGB--the security bodies agreed to cooperate with the Diggers.
Our Fearless Leader (making America safer)

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On January 26, 2006, Professor Joan Mellen, author A Farewell to Justice, and a friend of mine, gave a lecture to the Ethical Culture Society in New York City, titled "How the Failure To Identify, Prosecute and Convict President Kennedy's Assassins Has Led To Today's Crisis Of Democracy." (By the way, this blog is cited in Joan's book as a source in the Notes.)

I would like to suggest that the truth about the Kennedy assassination, far from being a matter of interest only to historians, and not even to most of them, will help us understand how we have arrived at a point where people as respectable as New York attorney Martin Garbus are comparing the current U.S. government with the rise of fascism in the mid-twentieth century. It's my belief that the present state of our political culture is a direct result of the fact that those responsible for the murder of President Kennedy have never been brought to justice.

To sum up: “A Farewell To Justice” suggests that the clandestine service of the CIA not only covered up the truth about the Kennedy assassination - that's easy to demonstrate from the four million documents now residing at the National Archives - but organized the event itself. That the CIA escaped without penalty, this extraordinary fact, has been integrated over these forty-two years into the body politic. It has produced a political culture where the unthinkable has become accepted practice. Meaningful freedom of the press has fallen into serious jeopardy.

We have not been aided in understanding the meaning of the Kennedy assassination by the continued public silence of those closest to President Kennedy. One day I requested of Wilmer Thomas, one of Jim Garrison's law school classmates (Tulane School of Law, Class of 1949) to ask his acquaintance, Kennedy adviser Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., whom he believed was behind the assassination of President Kennedy. Professor Schlesinger observed, quietly, “We were at war with the National Security people.”
Audio File here
Da Vinci Code Actor: Bible Should Have 'Fiction' Disclaimer

If "The Da Vinci Code" was already feeding the flames of controversy with its challenge to the basic tenets of Christianity, actor Ian McKellen managed to pour a refinery tank's worth of gasoline on the fire on this morning's 'Today' show, asserting that the Bible should carry a disclaimer saying that it is "fiction." Video: Windows Media or Real Player, Plus audio MP3
"Well, I've often thought the Bible should have a disclaimer in the front saying this is fiction. I mean, walking on water, it takes an act of faith. And I have faith in this movie. Not that it's true, not that it's factual, but that it's a jolly good story. And I think audiences are clever enough and bright enough to separate out fact and fiction, and discuss the thing after they've seen it."
A splendid idea! Would anyone like to suggest a disclaimer for the Bible? How about:

This book contains actual events of history, mixed in with myth and metaphor. It is not a useful guide for science or foreign policy.

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From MadCowNews:

Cocaine Bust Reveals New Details of 911 Attack

world exclusive May 17, 2006--Venice Fl.

A MadCowMorningNews investigation into the ownership of the DC9 airliner caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine in Mexico last month has uncovered explosive new details about some of the many lingering mysteries still surrounding the 9.11 attack.

San Diego defense contractor Titan Corporation, already implicated in the fraudulent bankruptcy of a shadowy St. Petersburg FL company which owned the DC9 "Cocaine One" flight busted in Mexico, employed a Lebanese contractor who assisted Mohamed Atta and other terrorist hijackers in Venice, Florida.

Makram Chams, a Lebanese national, provided significant logistical support for Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi. Chams, we learned, had even entertained recently-convicted Zacharias Moussaoui in his apartment in Venice.

Chams left town soon after the 9.11 attack, abandoning a thriving convenience store which has stood vacant ever since. No one knew where he’d gone. Now Chams has re-surfaced in Saudi Arabia, working in an unlikely capacity: as a contractor for American defense firm Titan Corp.

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Jason Leopold stands by story

Robert Luskin and Mark Corallo, Rove’s attorney and spokesman, are liars. Damned liars. I have five sources on this. In the news business when you want to discredit a reporter and an explosive report you call the spokesman and get him to issue a denial. My reports have gone way beyond the spokesman and the lawyer to get to the truth. I am SHOCKED that the mainstream have followed this up by simply calling a spokesman.

Karl Rove Indicted

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald spent more than half a day Friday at the offices of Patton Boggs, the law firm representing Karl Rove.

During the course of that meeting, Fitzgerald served attorneys for former Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove with an indictment charging the embattled White House official with perjury and lying to investigators related to his role in the CIA leak case, and instructed one of the attorneys to tell Rove that he has 24 hours to get his affairs in order, high level sources with direct knowledge of the meeting said Saturday morning.
Update: Larry Johnson on Democratic Underground said:

It is not just Jason Leopold. Joe Wilson heard the same from other sources. And, more importantly, Jason is reporting based on multiple, more than two, sources. His editors realized what a big story this is and did the appropriate checking before posting.

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David Atlee Phillips/CIA

I have come across a new online resource, the Kennedy Assassination Newspaper Archive . I've only started playing around on it and came across an interesting 1975 article on the late CIA officer, David Atlee Phillips. The article is titled "Resigned Latin CIA Chief Denies Chile Role."

A former Latin American chief for the CIA the agency did not help to overthrow Chilean President Salvador Allende but tried instead to preserve his government so it could be defeated in new elections.
The article goes onto say that "He did not elaborate on what steps CIA took to prop up the Allende government..."

Now, anyone who still believes that the CIA was trying to "prop up" the Allende government is too stupid to live. David Phillip's ex-wife was reported to have said that he even lied in his sleep. Phillips is also believed to have been the mysterious "Maurice Bishop" who met with Oswald and may have been involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Indeed, he was suspected of such even by members of his own family.
BUSH: LEARN ENGLISH... (from Drudge)

You first.
ABC News: Federal official says US tracking calls made by ABC News, New York Times, Washington Post

ABC's Brian Ross and Richard Esposito Report:

A senior federal law enforcement official tells ABC News the government is tracking the phone numbers we call in an effort to root out confidential sources.

"It's time for you to get some new cell phones, quick," the source told us in an in-person conversation


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Saturday, May 13, 2006

George Bush recently said that his brother Jeb would make a great President. WorldNetDaily columnist Joseph Farah, who is about as conservative as they come, says in his column today that George W's endorsement was a "kiss of death."

How would you like to be endorsed by a president with below 30 percent approval ratings, a president who threatens to lead his party to disaster in mid-term congressional elections later this year, one who is seen, much like his father before him, as something of a traitor to the conservative cause, which both embraced rhetorically if not intellectually and emotionally?

Jeb Bush isn't going to the White House.
In fact, I will go further.

I will predict that no other member of the Bush family will be elected to national office for the next 100 years. That is the legacy left in the wake of Dubya's disastrous reign.

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From Scoop
More on Captain AmErika

Kevin Furlong has left a comment on Spook86's blog In From the Cold:

I am Kevin Furlong, the former spouse of Captain amErika, Erika Proctor. I affirm that Erika Proctor stated to me in a marriage counseling session that she had an affair with Michael V. Hayden.
It is true the divorce was a mess. It is also true, Erika Proctor, while still married, was screwing a different NSA employee. It seems Hayden was just a 'one night stand' in Bosnia in 2001.
It seems that Furlong has started a blog called Nothing Much. Nothing much there as yet. He also gives his professional website which can be found here.
Our Fearless Leader

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From Wot Is It Good 4

investigations: all options are on the table

* don in the comments suggests that we should co-opt some of the rightwinger memes over this odd kabuki about post-election congressional investigations.

he suggests:

"If you're not doing anything wrong, you've got nothing to worry about."


"We want to get to the truth. Investigation is our first priority, but all options are on the table"
From AmericaBlog
Speaking of which, it's quite the irony,as we hinted before, that the Republican National Committee, of all places, is gay-baiting. If they had a liquor license, the RNC would be the biggest gay bar in Washington. But hey, I guess those right-wing Christians don't really care if the RNC laughs at them behind their backs. As long as the RNC pretends to be anti-gay in public, then embraces the queers (quite literally) in the hallways of the RNC and Congress (ahem, Senator Allen), the Republican party figures it can have its cake and it eat too.
Emphasis added because it's so darned funny. And the reference to Senator Allen is, well, interesting.
New Developments in "Captain AmErika" Story

Joseph Cannon of Cannonfire posted another story about the allegations of Kevin Furlong that General Michael Hayden, among others, committed adultery with his ex-wife Erika.

Did General Hayden have an affair with this woman?

Don't bother clicking on the link because Joseph deleted the post after about six hours, alas before I had a chance to read it, for reasons elaborated here

The evidence for this adultery was always pretty flimsy, amounting to Kevin Furlong's allegation that she admitted it to him. Even a casual look at the website detailing these allegations will show that Furlong is way over the top, and perhaps even unhinged. For example, he refers to his ex-wife as "Captain AmErika" in letters to military officers.He does his cause, whatever he may think it to be, more harm than good.

Joseph Cannon provides further evidence, from usenet. posts that Furlong has credibility problems. I would say though that he goes too far, even suggesting that "Kevin Furlong" may not exist, may not have been married to Erika, and may even be a mentally-ill woman acting out some sort of bizarre fantasy. Official documents show otherwise.

Spook86, a pseudonym for a former member of the U.S. intelligence community, and a conservative, has this to say today:

In our own inquiry into the Hayden allegations, we've had the opportunity to examine more records relating to this case, including an Air Force IG investigation of the matter, conducted more than three years ago. The IG inquiry was based on a complaint from Major Furlong against his ex-wife. Readers will note that the IG found substantiation for only one charge, and she lated accepted non-judicial punishment (an Article 32) at Tyndall AFB, FL, on a single count of sodomy. The "evidence" was based on the videotape that her ex-husband provided. Interestingly, Furlong originally claimed that the man in the video was someone else, but the IG concluded that it was, in fact, Major Furlong. After receiving the Article 32, Mrs. Furlong (then a Captain) left the active ranks, and began a career as a civilian intel analyst, while retaining her officer's commission in the Air Force Reserve. She is currently works for a national-level agency in the Washington, D.C. area, and has refused comment on these matters.
He also reproduces the Inspector General's Summary Report of Investigation. Unfortunately, after page 1 his links do not work. The full report can be found on the CaptainAmerika site here. You have to scroll down a bit to find it.

In conclusion, the Hayden adultery allegation is flimsy and unsubstantiated at best, and I strongly doubt the mainstream media or the Congress will touch it, and rightly so. Also Mr. Furlong is clearly not a gentleman, and perhaps neither am I for giving this matter more attention that it ever deserved.

Below: General Hayden's response to the allegation

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The X Spot on Paranoia

The most damning evidence of the Holocaust lies in the fact that it is a living memory. That is to say, there are witnesses to these events who still live and walk the streets among us. I once had this classmate. Her mother periodically came to our history classes to lecture about the Holocaust. She wasn’t a teacher, or anything. As far as I know, she might not have even graduated from college. Her only authority to speak on the subject came from the fact that she had survived Bergen-Belsen, one of the most notorious Nazi camps – the one where Anne Frank died.

The most chilling aspect of the Holocaust, as she described it, was its systematic nature. One day she saw soldiers erecting a fence around the perimeter of her ghetto. Local officials explained to Jewish residents that it was for their own protection. Sounds logical. Considering the anti-Semitic furor that the National Socialists had created, one can understand the need for some kind of security measure. Of course, the Nazis convinced many of them that the real threat didn’t come from them, but rather the communists.

The Nazis thought of more things to increase ghetto safety. First, they copied the local Jewish Register – to keep tabs on anybody in case they went missing. How thoughtful! Next, they stationed guards at each gate of the fence. A few suspicious fires and a couple of fistfights were all it took for Hitler to dispatch the Storm Troopers to keep the peace. A tiny group of local ghetto residents, those who had been bought off by the government, helped the SS by watching the neighborhood for any potential troublemakers, people who insisted on violating the curfew, etc.. Of course, all of this protection didn’t stop Krystalnacht, a nationally choreographed pillaging and plundering of Jewish properties. Still, the Nazis didn’t give up. When war broke out, they decided to go that extra mile in ensuring the safety of Jews by moving them to secure places such as Dachau, Buchenwald, amd Auschwitz.

I asked Mrs. H., “Surely, somebody must have known something was wrong when they started putting up fences around your neighborhood, didn’t they?”

Her answer still rings in my ears. I have never forgotten it. “No,” she replied. “No, if you thought that, people would think that you were paranoid.”
Bush says Jeb would be 'great president'

Like he would know. That's like if OJ Simpson said someone would be a "great husband."
Captain Erika L. Proctor, USAF
This is the woman identified as "Captain Amerika" in the story I quoted from yestarday. This photo is from This site is put up by Maj. Kevin Furlong described yesterday as the "BITTER FORMER AIR FORCE MAJOR WHO POSTED WIFE'S NUDE PIX ON INTERNET." Bitter is putting it mildly, and his motivations must be taken into consideration.

This story is about a selfish military careerist using any means to get promoted. This story also includes adultery with LtGen Michael V. Hayden, and his influence on her behalf while the Director of the National Security Agency . . . and the possibility of blackmail by Captain amErika to get what she wants. Click on her name to see more about the former Deputy Information Liaison for Doubtful Operations (DILDO) at Tyndall AFB and the 'slap on the wrist' that led her to civilian employment at NSA. Find out more about about NSA civilian Jack E. Griffith, and his affair with Captain amErika that started in 2001 that led to her divorce and civilian shift to NSA.

I haven't clicked on the "nude pics and movies" link but obviously not work friendly.

Adultery! Hookers! Hayden! Joseph Cannon of Cannonfire picks up the story.

Update: After taking a closer look at this site it appears that Major Furlong is not the current webmaster but this site contains his previous site with some updates. All the "sodomy" photos are apparently of Furlong and his ex-wife Erika. The photos and videos were originally taken for "private viewing" and end up on the internet. (When will women learn?) They first got involved when he was still married to another woman and later she cheats on him. Go figure. He really seems to have it in for her.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Is General Michael Hayden--Bush's choice to head the CIA--an adulterer?

And from 2004:

“Not only did this officer retain her top-level security clearance, but she incredibly got “promoted” to major, despite photographs of her committing various sex acts, including sodomy – a serious violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. These color photos were posted on the Internet by her estranged husband, a former Air Force officer,” the well-placed source said.
“The general she allegedly was screwing is married himself and looks like Yoda, not at all the kind who could get a woman like that without having high rank,” said one Air Force observer.

“The word is, she put the pressure on him to protect her when her ex-hubby sent letters to the Air Force demanding an IG investigation. Not only did the general save his girlfriend’s career, he got her promoted!

(With thanks to Spook86, who wrote "the Hayden accusation is bound to be a block-buster," for calling this to my attention.)
Personally I can't wait for the Rapture--those people get on my nerves
Bradley Earl Ayers was intimately involved in the CIA's war against Castro. In 1976 he wrote The War That Never Was

In a letter to Jack Anderson (1st March, 1995) he wrote:

Despite the obstacles and distractions, I have persevered in my effort to make known that information from my service with the CIA that I believed was relevant to the Kennedy assassination and that I felt the American people had a right to know. Naively, I wrote a book, THE WAR THAT NEVER WAS, which was published in 1976, expecting that my manuscript would make a contribution to the growing body of evidence pointing to a conspiracy in the President's death. I have recently learned that the managing editor at the publishing house was on the CIA payroll, intercepting and censoring books that might be damaging to the Agency.
Now he is preparing to tell all in The Zenith Secret which is scheduled to come out in December of this year. For a peek at what the book will contain, here is what he told John R. Tunheim, of the Assassination Records Review Board in a letter of August 23, 1994:

I believe the following living individuals have intimate operational knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the assassination and the possible role of the persons and/or operations listed in the paragraph which follows:

Theodore Shackley - Chief of Station, JMWAVE Robert Wall - Deputy Chief of Operations, JMWAVE

Grayson Lynch - Contract paramilitary trainer/agent, JMWAVE

Felix Rodriguez - Contract paramilitary agent (Cuban born), JMWAVE

Thomas Clines - CIA paramilitary case officer, JMWAVE

Above named persons with reference to:

Gordon Campbell (current status unknown) - Deputy Chief of Station, JMWAVE

David Morales (deceased) - Chief of Operations, JMWAVE

"Rip" Robertson (deceased) - Contract paramilitary agent JMWAVE

Edward Roderick (current status unknown) - U. S. Army Major, explosives expert/Corp of Engineers, attached to JMWAVE and later CIA employee upon retirement from Army

Tony Sforza (deceased) - Contract paramilitary agent, JMWAVE
Operation (code name) "Red Cross" - JMWAVE, Fall 1963
Here is a blurb from The Zenith Secret:

The information in this post came from John Simkin's JFK Forum
Bernardo de Torres

A person of interest in the JFK assassination, still living so far as I am aware, is Bernardo de Torres, a veteran of Brigade 2506 and the Bay of Pigs. Congressional investigator Gaeton Fonzi in his book The Last Investigation referred to him as "Carlos."

Peter Dale Scott in Deep Politics III (CIA, Drug Traffic & Oswald in Mexico) wrote:

The second of Phillips’ anti-Castro Cuban assets was Bernardo de Torres, the assassination suspect referred to by Gaeton Fonzi as “Carlos.” De Torres also developed close relationships with the DFS and has been accused of smuggling drugs out of Mexico with the knowledge of Nazar Haro.

Bernardo de Torres has further been established as a contact of David Sanchez Morales. Morales was a CIA officer and killer who "was well known as the Agency's top assassin in Latin America." He also openly described Kennedy's conduct during the Bay of Pigs operation "as traición (betrayal)."

According to a friend, Morales once ended an anti-Kennedy tirade with the words, "Well, we took care of that son of a bitch, didn't we?"

The House Select Committee on Assassinations "investigated" de Torres. According to Joan Mellen in A Farewell to Justice (p.90):

The CIA demanded that the committee not ask de Torres anything about the time frame when de Torres was its operative, a period that included the Kennedy assassination. Accusing de Torres of being a double agent, working as well for Castro, which seems a preposterous claim, the CIA departed with Blakey's assurances. Virtually moments later, an FBI emissary appeared. The Bureau proposed its own time period about which de Torres must not be questioned. Blakey acquiesced in everything the CIA and the FBI requested.
In Jim Garrison's investigation Bernardo de Torres came forward as a volunteer. Garrison eventually realized that de Torres was really working for the CIA.

When former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and American Ronni Moffitt were killed by a terrorist car bombing on September 21, 1976, the investigation was headed by Asst. U.S. Attoryney Eugene Propper. The investigators were led astray for months by false leads from the CIA. Propper was told that anti-Castro activists from Bay of Pigs Brigade 2506 were behind the Letelier assassination. John Cummings wrote in "U.S. Intelligence and International Terroism" by John Cummings, in the first issue of The Rebel (Jan 1984), a short-lived magazine put out by Larry Flynt, "The author has learned that a lot of that information came primarily from Bernardo de Torres. " Propper knew de Torres only as "Tomboy."
From Wot is it Good 4
Porter Goss. *Another* prostitution ring. Gay hookers.

larisa did a surprise spot on the PeterB Collins show on Friday night. (here is the mp3 - starts at about 5 min)

1. She heard about goss on Thurs night (ie in advance)

2. there's a another prostitution ring - separate to the wilkes prostitution ring. Goss was involved in that other ring as well - and the prostitutes were of both genders... expects this story will break soon.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Richard S. Cain

One figure who I have long felt deserves further investigation is Richard S. Cain. A good place to start is this document

Richard Cain had ties to both the Mafia and the CIA and, as this document shows, to the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, with which Oswald was reportedly associated.His brother Michael Cain is working on a book about him, which hopefully will be released soon.

This article Raising Cain is a good read. Although Cain was apparently not in Dallas on 11/22/63 his daughter believes he was involved":

“I knew my father was involved in it, or had some knowledge of it at some level,” Karla Cain is convinced. “He always talked about the murder of the President like this was just some guy he had whacked from the North Side of Chicago.”

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Iran 'Judgment Day'

Unfortunately, this WorldNetDaily story is more believable.
"We are not years away from Iran's ability to have a nuclear weapon; we may only be months away."

"Iran has turned over to the military the operation of its nuclear program. The IAEA has disclosed documents that show Iran has explored the process of turning highly enriched uranium into the metalized form whose only purpose is to make nuclear weapons. Again, Iran buys more time, since Security Council action to impose sanctions on Iran is by no means certain. The world is playing a dangerous game of nuclear chicken with radical religious leaders who continue to export terror and proclaim their desire to wipe Israel off the map."
So says Swiftboat slimebag Jerome Corsi in this article. These people are going to be very disappointed if we do not attack Iran.
Pakistani scientists reportedly advising al-Qaida on weaponization of uranium it has obtained

This is a WorldNetDaily story from "Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, the premium, online intelligence newsletter," which means they probably just made it up. Remember some months back they were pushing the story that bin Laden already had nuclear weapons?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Real News about Iraq

The real news, which is not reported in the CNN "mainstream," is that the "Salvador Option" has been invoked in Iraq. This is the campaign of terror by death squads armed and trained by the U.S., which attack Sunnis and Shias alike. The goal is the incitement of a real civil war and the breakup of Iraq, the original war aim of Bush's administration.
According to the investigative writer Max Fuller (National Review online), the key CIA manager of the Interior Ministry death squads "cut his teeth in Vietnam before moving on to direct the U.S. military mission in El Salvador."
"The British and U.S. Special Forces," concludes Fuller, "in conjunction with the [U.S.-created] intelligence services at the Iraqi Defense Ministry, are fabricating insurgent bombings of Shias."
I am not sure that the breakup of Iraq was the real goal all along. I think the Bush administration would have preferred a stooge like Chalabi to run Iraq for them. I think they are making it up as they go along.
Good article by Sherman Yellen in the Huffington Post

First, let me state that I now believe that there was a conspiracy to steal the election in 2000 and in 2004, and it was successfully carried out by Bush and Rove and Cheney and their Republican brethren. I believe that there was a conspiracy to keep Democratic and minority voters away from the polls, lose their names in voter registries, and in the last election, lose whole blocks of Democratic votes in Ohio and elsewhere.
While I am conspiracy hunting, let me add that I do believe that Dick Cheney conspired with big Oil in secret meeting to craft our energy policy to create huge profits for Mobile and Exxon. Doesn't take a genius to get that one. It's a no brainer. You can give me all the theories about demand for oil exceeding supply and China using so much of it, blah, blah blah, as a reason for the King Kong prices at the pumps -- and I will still say Dick Cheney. God doesn't give you that evil smirk if he didn't plan to make a villain out of you.
(Emphasis added.) I love that last line.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Candy Barr (for Jack the Okie)
"Anything They Say" on Valerie Plame with thanks to Candy Barr fan Jack the Okie. Makes clear the depths of treason involved in the Plame affair.

Disenfranchised FBI translator and 9/11 whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, confirmed that Plame, working under her CIA front company, Brewster Jennings & Associates, was very active in Turkey up through the time of her outing, tracking a multinational network of nuclear technology trafficking that involved not only Turkey but Pakistan, Dubai, Spain, South Africa and others. Turkey, however, appears to have not only been a significant international distribution center for contraband nuclear technology but also had suspected designs on nuclear weapons itself
Not to be overly simplistic here, but more and more the events of the day seem to come down to a story of heroes and villians. Sibel Edmonds, Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson are heroes. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are villians. Nothing less than the fate of the world is at stake.
Losing in Afghanistan

Not only are we losing in Iraq but now it appears that the United States will lose in Afghanistan. According to an article in the Christian Science Monitor (emphasis added) :

In a CFR Q&A on the Taliban, Chistopher Langdon, a defense expert at the Institute for International Strategic Studies, describes the group as "an insurgent organization that will periodically use terrorism to carry out its operations."

According to Kathy Gannon, the former Associated Press bureau chief for Pakistan and Afghanistan, these [Taliban] have at times aligned themselves with Al Qaeda fighters and with mujahadeen (holy warriors) led by the anti-government warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. During the Soviet occupation, Hekmatyar received more support from US and Pakistani agents than any other fighter. "The Afghan Taliban is better organized today than it was in 2001," says Gannon, "they have more recruits [and they] have been able to take advantage of the lawlessness, the criminal gangs, and the corruption in the government."

Langton says Taliban forces "have largely recovered from their initial defeat," and are proving a savvy enemy for coalition forces. Taliban fighters have become encouraged by the domestic opposition some NATO nations face as they deploy in former Taliban strongholds previously patrolled by US forces, he says. "They are very adept at reading these signals and seeing where the weaknesses lie."
And in The New York Times:

"The Taliban and Al Qaeda are everywhere," a shopkeeper, Haji Saifullah, told the commander of American forces in Afghanistan, Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry, as the general strolled through the bazaar of this town to talk to people. "It is all right in the city, but if you go outside the city, they are everywhere, and the people have to support them. They have no choice."

The fact that American troops are pulling out of southern Afghanistan in the coming months, and handing matters over to NATO peacekeepers, who have repeatedly stated that they are not going to fight terrorists, has given a lift to the insurgents, and increased the fears of Afghans.
Although some on the Left opposed the war in Afghanistan, I have always believed that after 9/11 we had no choice. What we should have done, however, was send a much larger armed force, destroyed the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and captured or killed Osama bin Laden. Following that, we should have spent vast sums of money to make Afghanistan a showcase state. The Bush administration, however, had other plans: Iraq (and next, I fear, Iran.) As a result, we are facing a Taliban resurgence.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Photo of the Day

Iraqi Mahdi Nawaf shows photographs of dead family members during a funeral ceremony in Ramadi, 68 miles, 110 kms west of Baghdad, Iraq, Thursday, May 20, 2004. Mahdi said they were were killed Wednesday, when a U.S. helicopter fired on a wedding party in the remote desert near the border with Syria killing more than 40 people. The photographs show: Iraqi father Mohammed Al-Rikad, right, his wife Morifa, left, and their children Saad, 10, Fasila, 7, Faisal, 5, Anoud, 6, Kholood, 4 and three year-old Inad. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)

Our Fearless Leader: Is this the man you want as "the decider" on war with Iran?
Candy Barr: I just bought this on eBay.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Valerie Plame Working on Iran and WMDs

On Chris Matthews' Hardball Monday evening, just moments ago, MSNBC correspondent David Shuster confirmed what RAW STORY first reported in February: that outed CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson was working on Iran at the time she was outed.
"Intelligence sources say Valerie Wilson was part of an operation three years ago tracking the proliferation of nuclear weapons material into Iran. And the sources allege that when Mrs. Wilson's cover was blown, the administration's ability to track Iran's nuclear ambitions was damaged as well."
Intelligence sources say Valerie Wilson was part of an operation three years ago tracking the proliferation of nuclear weapons into Iran. And the sources allege that when Mrs. Wilson's cover was blown, the administration's ability to track Iran's nuclear ambitions was damaged as well.
I have retyped parts of this report, which were originally in ALL CAPS, for ease of reading. So much for those who say that Valerie Plame was not a covert agent and that there was no underlying crime.
Candy Barr in a tree
Our Fearless Leader (thanks to Jack White)
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