Monday, May 15, 2006

David Atlee Phillips/CIA

I have come across a new online resource, the Kennedy Assassination Newspaper Archive . I've only started playing around on it and came across an interesting 1975 article on the late CIA officer, David Atlee Phillips. The article is titled "Resigned Latin CIA Chief Denies Chile Role."

A former Latin American chief for the CIA the agency did not help to overthrow Chilean President Salvador Allende but tried instead to preserve his government so it could be defeated in new elections.
The article goes onto say that "He did not elaborate on what steps CIA took to prop up the Allende government..."

Now, anyone who still believes that the CIA was trying to "prop up" the Allende government is too stupid to live. David Phillip's ex-wife was reported to have said that he even lied in his sleep. Phillips is also believed to have been the mysterious "Maurice Bishop" who met with Oswald and may have been involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Indeed, he was suspected of such even by members of his own family.


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