Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bernardo de Torres

A person of interest in the JFK assassination, still living so far as I am aware, is Bernardo de Torres, a veteran of Brigade 2506 and the Bay of Pigs. Congressional investigator Gaeton Fonzi in his book The Last Investigation referred to him as "Carlos."

Peter Dale Scott in Deep Politics III (CIA, Drug Traffic & Oswald in Mexico) wrote:

The second of Phillips’ anti-Castro Cuban assets was Bernardo de Torres, the assassination suspect referred to by Gaeton Fonzi as “Carlos.” De Torres also developed close relationships with the DFS and has been accused of smuggling drugs out of Mexico with the knowledge of Nazar Haro.

Bernardo de Torres has further been established as a contact of David Sanchez Morales. Morales was a CIA officer and killer who "was well known as the Agency's top assassin in Latin America." He also openly described Kennedy's conduct during the Bay of Pigs operation "as traición (betrayal)."

According to a friend, Morales once ended an anti-Kennedy tirade with the words, "Well, we took care of that son of a bitch, didn't we?"

The House Select Committee on Assassinations "investigated" de Torres. According to Joan Mellen in A Farewell to Justice (p.90):

The CIA demanded that the committee not ask de Torres anything about the time frame when de Torres was its operative, a period that included the Kennedy assassination. Accusing de Torres of being a double agent, working as well for Castro, which seems a preposterous claim, the CIA departed with Blakey's assurances. Virtually moments later, an FBI emissary appeared. The Bureau proposed its own time period about which de Torres must not be questioned. Blakey acquiesced in everything the CIA and the FBI requested.
In Jim Garrison's investigation Bernardo de Torres came forward as a volunteer. Garrison eventually realized that de Torres was really working for the CIA.

When former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and American Ronni Moffitt were killed by a terrorist car bombing on September 21, 1976, the investigation was headed by Asst. U.S. Attoryney Eugene Propper. The investigators were led astray for months by false leads from the CIA. Propper was told that anti-Castro activists from Bay of Pigs Brigade 2506 were behind the Letelier assassination. John Cummings wrote in "U.S. Intelligence and International Terroism" by John Cummings, in the first issue of The Rebel (Jan 1984), a short-lived magazine put out by Larry Flynt, "The author has learned that a lot of that information came primarily from Bernardo de Torres. " Propper knew de Torres only as "Tomboy."


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