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Ellen Brown wants to know what's up with all the mysterious prison buses in the desert.

On a recent visit to Tucson, where I was invited to give a presentation on monetary reform, I was disturbed by a story of strange goings on in the desert. A little over a year ago, it seems, a new industrial facility sprang up on the edge of town. It was in a remote industrial zone and appeared to be a bus depot. The new enterprise was surrounded by an imposing security fence and bore no outward signs identifying its services. However, it soon became apparent that the compound was in the business of outfitting a fleet of prison buses. Thirty or so secondhand city buses were being reconfigured with prison bars in the windows and a coat of fresh paint bearing the “Wackenhut G4S” logo on the side.
Telegraph: Nazi angel of death Josef Mengele 'created twin town in Brazil'

In a new book, Mengele: the Angel of Death in South America, the Argentine historian Jorge Camarasa, a specialist in the post-war Nazi flight to South America, has painstakingly pieced together the Nazi doctor's mysterious later years.

After speaking to the townspeople of Candido Godoi, he is convinced that Mengele continued his genetic experiments with twins – with startling results.

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First child salutes Satan

Update: First Lady flashes satanic hand signal to Bush

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Letter to Barack Obama on Assassination of JFK
I speak from personal knowledge and experience of having been told of the impending assassination of the President seven months before it happened by a Jose A. Rivera, a Civil Service employee of the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness of the National Institutes of Health. He was also a former US Army Colonel and member of the US Army Reserves. This information was given to US Secret Service Agent John W. Rice, in the presence of FBI Special Liaison Agent Orrin Bartlett in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Sunday, November 24, 1963. Mr. Bartlett was a liaison between the FBI, the Secret Service , and the White House. Mr. Bartlett called his Headquarters in Washington and the Baltimore Office of the FBI, asking that Mr. Rivera be brought in for Interrogation.

Letters to various Congressional Committees produced no interest or results, as did numerous Freedom of Information letters to the Secret Service, the FBI and the CIA. I testified before the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) in Dallas in 1994. Records of mine and Rivera's are in the NARA II Collection of Kennedy Documents in Box 18 of the Douglas Horne (ARRB staff member) Section. In the interest of transparency and the spirit of change and Truth, I now plead that this issue be addressed, and soon, for the sake of all Americans and our future generations.

Most Respectfully,

Adele E. U. Edisen, Ph.D.

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Daily Mail:
The Secret Team by L.Fletcher Prouty available in its entirety online. I have not read this book.

Washington Post review of two JFK assassination books

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Was Kennedy Killed by Deros?

The strange connection between the Kennedy assassination, the Shaver Mystery, and Flying Saucers.

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Washington Decoded: Negative review of Brothers in Arms: The Kennedys, the Castros, and the Politics of Murder By Gus Russo and Stephen Molton

Reviews the Robert Kennedy assassination and supports the theory of Peter Evans book Nemesis that Aristotle Onassis was involved. Vaughn himself interviewed one of Evans' witnesses, Hélène Gaillet.

More disturbingly, Onassis went on to speak freely about Bobby. According to Hélène, Onassis's hatred for him was still vivid and intense.

In the small hours, Onassis walked Helene to the beach from where a launch would take her back to the Christina. They stood together, gazing out to sea, for a long time.

After a while, Hélène realised Onassis was talking to himself, in low, murmuring tones, like someone deep in prayer.

Finally, as she strained to hear what he was saying, he turned to her and, clearly and simply, said: 'You know, Hélène, I put up the money for Bobby Kennedy's murder.'


'THE COSA Nostra agreed to 'broker' the assassination (of Martin Luther King) for an amount somewhat in excess of $300,000 . . . (James Earl) Ray's contact in New Orleans was with a lieutenant of Carlos Marcello, the Southern Mafia chieftain in New Orleans."
So says a 1968 Justice Department memo that the FBI withheld from the Louis Stokes 1979 congressional investigation into the killings of Dr. King and JFK.

Another story based on the new book Legacy of Secrecy. Links Carlos Marcello with Joseph Milteer and James Earl Ray with Johnny Rosselli.

This dedicated author and investigator notes that neither the CIA nor the FBI was behind the assassinations of JFK and MLK.
I wonder if this new book mentions Myron Billet.

Myron Billett was a messenger and go-between for Chicago Mafia don, Sam Giancana. In January l968 Giancana asked Billett to make the arrangements for "a very important meeting" between New York Mafia leader Carlo Gambino and some government representatives. Billett set up the meeting at a motel in Apalachin, New York, the site of an early l960s mob summit.

Billett said that at the meeting (which he attended) the three representatives of the CIA and FBI asked Carlo Gambino if he would accept a $l million contract to assassinate Martin Luther King. Billett recalled the exact words of Gambino's reply: "In no way would I or the family get involved with you people again. You messed up the Cuba deal. You messed up the Kennedy deal."

The CIA and FBI men said they would make "other arrangements" and departed
Interesting 911 article citing columns by William Safire and Robert Novak right after the attacks.

William Safire:

The most worrisome aspect of these revelations has to do with the credibility of the "Air Force One is next" message. It is described clearly as a threat, not a friendly warning—but if so, why would the terrorists send the message? More to the point, how did they get the code-word information and transponder know-how that established their mala fides?

That knowledge of code words, presidential whereabouts and possession of secret procedures indicates that the terrorists may have a mole in the White House—that, or informants in the Secret Service, F.B.I., F.A.A. or C.I.A. If so, the first thing our war on terror needs is an Angleton-type counterspy.

Robert Novak:

“Security experts and airline officials agree privately that the simultaneous hijacking of four airliners was an ‘inside job,’ probably indicating complicity beyond malfeasance.”

This site however shows that the use of the code name "Angel" for Air Force One was not exactly a secret.
UFOs attack Wind Turbine

An investigation was under way today into how a 65ft blade was mysteriously torn off a wind turbine amid reports of “strange lights” in the sky.

'YEAH, I HAD the son of a bitch killed. I'm glad I did. I'm sorry I couldn't have done it myself!"

These were the words of Carlos Marcello, the Mafia godfather of Louisiana and Texas. And he was talking about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Marcello's startling admission is in uncensored FBI files at the National Archives, detailed for the first time in a new encyclopedic book "Legacy of Secrecy."
Marcello confessed that he'd also met Lee Harvey Oswald and brought him into the plot via that Louisiana character David Ferrie, a person notably played by actor Joe Pesci in Oliver Stone's conspiracy movie "JFK."
I have not read Legacy of Secrecy as yet, although I've read the authors' previous book Ultimate Sacrifice. This is important new evidence of conpiracy and the involvement of Carlos Marcello. It is also an attempt to minimize the involvement of the CIA in my opinion.
Obama born in Kenya (according to highly respected supermarket tabloid Globe).
Kenneth J Vrtacnik saw President Kennedy's brain. See this document. Someone should really interview him further about this and about the JFK autopsy photographs.

The document refers to a Joe Scovitch, a secretary at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Joseph Scovitch made a number of interesting posts at the JFK Lancer Forum, including this one.

Those who contributed to substantive changes to the JFK materials on the autopsy, were military men & women employed as staff at AFIP, DC. They told me, in direct conversations, 1984-1986, that they were directed by the Commander/Director AFIP to assist the FBI with the JFK materials. They changed the materials, photos & Xrays, in accord with FBI instructions. They were "made" to sign statements of non-disclosure with the FBI. This is their version, to which I would attest in a court of law, under oath. Their names were furnished by me to Lesar, Weisberg, Fetzer, etc. This is where it stands now.
I have more on this which I may or may not post at a future time.
Chicago Independent (Nov 1975): The Plot to Kill JFK in Chicago Nov. 2, 1963

An important article.
Good article by retired Special Forces Officer Dan Marvin on torture and assassination plots

...the people on the ground who do the really dangerous stuff - the killing, the terrorizing, and sabotage - are people from outside the agency. Special Forces personnel such as I, even common criminals loaned to the Company by underworld Mafia bosses, would be used and then maintained on the "rolls" or discarded in one fashion or another when the powers that be considered them "expendable." The late Green Beret Major John Strait put it clear and simple: "They [the CIA] use you like a condom. Once you've served their purpose, they shit-can you."

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Wingnuts find proof that Obama's parents were divorced
The Obama divorce papers can now be seen here.

Thank God this didn't come out before the election. Seriously, one Ed Hale of Plains RadioNetwork who obtained this document originally said that the document contained proof that Obama was born in Kenya. But it doesn't. See here for the back story.

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A new year, a new beginning

I began 2009 by getting up, making some coffee and sitting down to reread JFK and the Unspeakable by James W. Douglass. I was struck once again by this prophetic passage from the contemplative monk Thomas Merton, written January 1962:

I have little confidence in Kennedy, I think he cannot measure up to the magnitude of his task, and lacks creative imagination and the deeper kind of sensitivity that is needed. To much the Time and Life mentality, than which I can imagine nothing further, in reality, from, say, Lincoln. What is needed is really not shrewdness or craft, but what the politicians don't have: depth, humanity and a certain totality of self-forgetfulness and compasion, not just for individuals but for man as a whole: a deeper kind of dedication. Maybe Kennedy will break through into that some day by miracle. But such people are before long marked out for assassination.
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