Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Blogger ImjustAStupidGuy said...

Hi MR. Buell. I came across the debate about kennedy in the education forum when I was searching for the term QKACTIVE. I got aware of the subject when reading declassified docs of CIA about the Brazilian 1964 planning and support (Im brazilian, that explains my poor english, sorry.) and the first time I got aware of qkactive was in a cable informing about agents in São Paulo. Then, after that, I came to that board of debate on kennedy and the explanation of the term as being a program to infiltrate agents in USSR and Im curious now...what could be the liason between the 64 coup agains Goulart and QKACTIVE. You can find the reference Im talking about in the CIA disclosed document here: I will apreciate if you could share material or information on the subject, if you wish to email me on imjustastupidguy1@gmailcom please. From a brazilian leftist, my best regards.

11:06 AM  

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