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Analysis of the video, apparently taken by cell phone, records his executioners chanting Shiite religious slogans.
There are five men in black face masks who are visible on the gallows platform around Saddam, acting as guards. As they guide him towards the trap door and put the noose over his head, they start chanting religious slogans with the names of Moqtada al Sadr (the head of the Mahdi army, accused of organizing death squads against Sunnis) and Baqr al Sadr (the father-in-law of Moqtada). Saddam, a Sunni, is outraged at this last-minute provocation, and tells them to “go to hell.”
This revelation, along with the fact that Saddam was executed on the first day of a major religious holiday, makes it more likely that there will be a Sunni backlash, according to some analysts.
CAIRO (AFP) - Images of ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein being led to the gallows on one of Islam's most important feast days risk further alienating public opinion in an Arab world already bristling at perceived Western insensitivity, analysts have warned.
Even the West's leading Middle East allies, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, publicly spoke out against the choice of the first day of the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice to put Saddam to death. The ousted strongman was executed in Baghdad at dawn on Saturday as Muslims began celebrating the Eid al-Adha in which a sheep is traditionally slaughtered in memory of Abraham, who according to the Koran, was about to sacrifice his son Ismail on God's orders, but was sent a sheep instead.
Saddam: first an execution and now ... his resurrection?

In a most bizarre stories ever heard, some people in Baghdad are claiming that they are seeing Saddam’s ghost in Baghdad public areas. Sources say, this may be a plot by the Baathists to keep Saddam ‘alive’ among the Sunni communities.

Some claim he is seen in restaurants, markets and so on. It is possible many Saddam look-alikes are now more prominent and people are mistaking these look-alikes as possible Saddam. It is also possible that Saddam was such a threat that people just cannot believe he is dead and not coming back.

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Only $489 for a special edition of the Warren Commission report, signed and with an introduction by Gerald Ford. I'll pass.

Via Raw Story this clip from CNN's American Morning. Outgoing Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, (R-CA) discusses the Oklahoma City bombing and John Doe 2.

Another story on the threat to Kennedy in Ireland from the Irish Times

Sniper threat sparked alert during 1963 Kennedy visit

A tip-off about a plot to assassinate John F Kennedy with a sniper rifle during his visit as US president to Ireland in June 1963 sparked a massive security alert, with heavily armed Garda reinforcements escorting his motorcade after arrival at Dublin airport. Stephen Collins , Political Editor, reports.

The alert began in the early hours of June 22nd, five days before the US president was due to arrive, when a man rang Independent Newspapers claiming a sniper using a rifle fitted with a telescopic sight intended to kill him.

According to a Department of Justice file in the National Archives released today, gardaí arrived at a telephone kiosk at the junction of College Green and Westmoreland Street, from which the call had been made, within two to three minutes.

A Garda report said the caller must have left in a hurry because they saw nobody in the kiosk or in the vicinity. The man had sought payment for information about the claimed assassination plan.

He said the shot would be fired from a flat roof on the president's route between Dublin airport and the US ambassador's residence in the Phoenix Park.

Although gardaí suspected it could be a hoax, extra precautions were taken and a memo was sent to all stations, the Central Detective Unit and the Special Branch. "All roofs on the route to Dublin airport were scanned by members with binoculars travelling in the advance and escort cars," Garda commissioner Daniel Costigan reported.

"A rifle as well as Thompson guns and revolvers were carried for use against a possible sniper," he added.

President Kennedy was shot dead by a sniper in Dallas, Texas, five months later.

The newly released files, which have been withheld for well in excess of the normal 30 years, detail the extensive precautions that were taken in the weeks leading up to his visit. An advance party of US Secret Service agents, White House special detail agents and a CIA man from London took part in the planning.

They told Mr Costigan that they would not tolerate plans by NBC to put a television vehicle within 50 or 100 feet of the presidential car. All that was allowed was a motorised float travelling a reasonable distance ahead, carrying equipment for RTÉ and approved US TV companies.

The files also show that plans to make Mr Kennedy an honorary Irish citizen were scrapped after extensive behind-the-scenes consultations.

The awarding of the honour was to have been one of the high points of the president's four-day visit to Ireland but Irish and American officials raised so many legal difficulties that the plan was abandoned.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kennedy Targeted on 1963 Ireland Trip (Washington Post)

The Associated Press
Thursday, December 28, 2006; 10:52 PM

DUBLIN, Ireland -- President John F. Kennedy was the subject of three separate death threats during his visit to Ireland in 1963, according to newly declassified police documents released Friday.

The documents released by the Irish Justice Department said police received two anonymous telephoned warnings in the weeks before the arrival of the United States' first Irish Catholic president. A third threat went to the newsroom of the Irish Independent newspaper.

Kennedy's June 26-29 visit went ahead trouble free as he was greeted by adoring crowds in Dublin, Cork, Galway and at his family homestead in County Wexford, in southeast Ireland.

He was assassinated in Dallas five months later.

One threat claimed a sniper would target Kennedy as his motorcade traveled from Dublin Airport to the residence of the Irish president at the start of his visit. The second warned a bomb at Shannon Airport, in southwest Ireland, would detonate as Air Force One was about to depart.

According to the documents the third threat, phoned to the newspaper, indicated that Kennedy would be attacked at Dublin Airport, although the method wasn't specified.

The documents detailed police security concerns --and also reflected officials' desire to impress both U.S. visitors and onlookers in Britain, Ireland's colonial master until 1922.

In a letter, Commissioner Daniel Costigan, the commander of Ireland's national police force in 1963, described the Kennedy tour as "the most important visit to this country since the establishment of the state, with worldwide publicity. British journalists are likely to be ready to criticize any fault in arrangements."

He wrote that although unlikely, "we cannot overlook the possibility" of an assassination attempt.

Costigan said his officers would use binoculars to monitor rooftops along the route of the presidential motorcade. He said an unspecified number of police would be armed with handguns, rifles and submachine guns --an exceptional measure in a country with a largely unarmed police force --to engage any would-be sniper.

The documents indicated that 6,404 police officers were on duty the night Kennedy arrived, and 2,690 lined the U.S. president's route from Dublin airport to the Phoenix Park mansion of Irish President Eamon de Valera.

I have more information on the third threat mentioned, the threat phoned into the Irish newspaper. I will try to post further information over the next few days.

Talk show host Mike Gallagher expresses fascist views on Fox.
Lawyer Ends Up Dead After Taking On Rove (from Kurt Nimmo)

Paul Sanford, a prominent Aptos, California, attorney, who accused Karl Rove of treason in the Plame outing case, took a leap from the Embassy Suites Hotel in Monterey Bay on Christmas Eve. Police describe it as “probable” suicide, even though it appears Sanford was not depressed.
From The Monterey County Herald:

Friends and associates expressed disbelief at the news of Sanford's death and that it was ruled a suicide, saying Sanford seemed happy and had made many plans for this week and in coming months. Mills said he and Sanford recently decided to open a shared law office to serve Monterey and Santa Cruz counties, something Sanford was looking forward to doing.
According to an article in the scientific publication Geology, reported in the press, some of Australia's prehistoric creatures may have been wiped out by aboriginal settlers not climate change as previously thought. One story on this can be found here.

The article was reported straight by most news outlets. WorldNetDaily, however, reports it as Evolution's instability highlighted by new study. Their article subtitles the story "Expert says without reliable foundation, assumptions get wacky". Who is this expert? None other than creationist wingnut Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, whose opinions are very revealing. He is quoted as saying:

"It's a good example of the fact that evolutionary ideas change all the time. They are reinterpreting their ideas as they look at the evidence," he told WND. "The result is that there's no real knowledge there."

Imagine that! "Reinterpreting their ideas as they look at the evidence." Can't have that in science. This is more proof that Creation Science is an oxymoron. The scary thing is that Ken Ham began his career as a science teacher. Today he teaches nonsense.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Surge in Afghan Heroin (LA Times, registration required)

Supplies of highly potent Afghan heroin in the United States are growing so fast that the pure white powder is rapidly overtaking lower-quality Mexican heroin, prompting fears of increased addiction and overdoses.
According to a Drug Enforcement Administration report obtained by The Times, Afghanistan's poppy fields have become the fastest-growing source of heroin in the United States. Its share of the U.S. market doubled from 7% in 2001, the year U.S. forces overthrew the Taliban, to 14% in 2004, the latest year studied. Another DEA report, released in October, said the 14% actually could be significantly higher.According to a Drug Enforcement Administration report obtained by The Times, Afghanistan's poppy fields have become the fastest-growing source of heroin in the United States. Its share of the U.S. market doubled from 7% in 2001, the year U.S. forces overthrew the Taliban, to 14% in 2004, the latest year studied. Another DEA report, released in October, said the 14% actually could be significantly higher.
Have you ever noticed that there are occasional news stories about rising opium/heroin productin in Afghanistan and occasional news stories about more heroin reaching this country, but never any stories about how it gets here?
Gerald Ford Dead at 93

Former President Gerald Ford, the last surviving member of the Warren Commission, died today. He was not eaten by wolves.

In 1964 Ford took part in covering up the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

A few years later he was urging a government investigation of UFOs.

I think the American people would feel better if there was a full-blown investigation of these mysterious flying objects, which some persons honestly believe that they have seen.

As a result of the Congressional pressure the Government set up the Condon Committee.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I saw this on The Atheist Jew. What if atheists went door-t0-door pushing their non-religious beliefs? Funny as hell.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sidney Blumenthal reveals that George W. Bush is still listening to the neocons because, you know, they've gotten everything right so far.

Bush's touted but unexplained "new way forward" (his version of the ISG's "the way forward") may be the first order of battle, complete with details of units, maps and timetables, ever posted on the Web site of a think tank. "I will not be rushed," said Bush. But apparently he has already accepted the latest neoconservative program, artfully titled with catchphrases appealing to his desperation -- "Choosing Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq" -- and available for reading on the site of the American Enterprise Institute.
" Victory is still an option in Iraq," it states. "America, a country of 300 million people with a GDP of $12 trillion, and more than 1 million soldiers and marines can regain control of Iraq, a state the size of California with a population of 25 million and a GDP under $100 billion."
Basically what it amounts to is the Bush has bought into a PowerPoint solution to the Iraq mess. It won't work, of course, but what of it as long as he is having fun.
Italian poet (and blogger) Piergiorgio Welby, a victim of advanced musclular dystrophy has died at age 60, after being taken off a respirator at his own request. According to this news story he had written this on his blog:

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The release of the document above, the government had claimed from 1983 to 2006, Release of the information on this page, the FBI claimed from 1983 until 2006, "can reasonably be expected to inter alia: lead to foreign diplomatic, economic and military retaliation against the United States."
Iraq Special Forces Kill Defenseless Bunny

About 1,500 police officers, soldiers and security personnel staged a parade around an infield of stubby brown grass, in festivities complete with warriors on horseback.

At one point, a small group of soldiers stepped forward with a live rabbit and tore it to pieces. The leader bit out the heart with a yell, then passed around the blood-soaked remains to his comrades, each of whom took a bite. The group also bit the heads off frogs, as some of those in the crowd held their noses from the stench.

The Iraqi military may not realize that the American people can put up with hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties but we take a dim view of hurting cute furry creatures. The photo above is actually the least disturbing photo of this incident. For more bunny carnage click here.
The Amazing Story of Who Stole Jesus' foreskin?
Available from BuzzFlash

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Newt Gringich Attacks Right of Free Speech

And he has every right to do so. He only wants to limit the free speech rights of the bad people.

Famed lawyer Vincent Bugliosi has a new book, Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, due out in May. There is a web page for the book here. The book is 1632 pages (!) Mr. Bugliosi attempts to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President Kennedy, and did it alone. No conspiracy. The book is being billed as "The book that lays all questions to rest." It will not.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Many researchers believe that the document above, linking Jack Ruby to Richard Nixon is a fake. They note that the document includes a zip code which did not exist in 1947.

But a researcher who posts under the name tomnln at alt.assassination.jfk has challenged that opinion. He wrote:

The one-page xerox obviously is really a composite of 2 different documents. At the top is a half-page undated FBI note STAPLED TO THE TOP OF A FULL PAGE UNDERNEATH. Only the bottom half of the full sheet is seen. The note, on the letterhead of the Office of the Director, is signed by LS. It does have an illegible zip code.

The cover sheet says...

QUOTE: NOTE: Extra copy. Inclosure not verified by official report. Return to file. This is sensitive.

Obviously, a note of transmittal has been attached years later to an extra copy of a document found in the HUAC files. THEN THERE IS A VERY OBVIOUS SHADOW OF THE EDGE OF THE HALF-PAGE COVER SHEET SLANTING ACROSS THE XEROXED PAGE

Under the shadow the LOWER HALF OF THE HUAC DOCUMENT IS SEEN. Here is what the HUAC document says:

It is my sworn statement that one Jack Rubenstein of Chicago noted as a potential witness for hearings of the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities is performing information functions for the staff of Cong. Richard M. Nixon, Rep. or California. It is requested Rubenstein not be called for open testimony in those aforementioned hearings.

Sworn on this day 24 November 1947


Staff Assistant

I hope this accurate assessment of this dual document debunks the zip code myth. If it is a fake document, the ZIP code is obviously immaterial to such a conclusion, since it is on a transmittal cover sheet. The HUAC document and its FBI cover sheet seem genuine to me. On this basis, I believe Ruby was an informant for Nixon circa 1947.

It appears that tomnln is correct that what we have here are two documents, the FBI cover sheet likely stapled on top of the letter from the Staff Assistant to Congressman Nixon. Certainly a letter or memo from HUAC would not be on FBI letterhead. Nor would a letter sent by a Congressman's office contain a note at the top indicating that this is an "extra copy" that should be returned to the file.

So, the fact that the document as we have it contains a zip code would not seem, in itself, to prove fakery. This does not mean that the document is necessarily authentic. There is another apparent problem with the document. The zip code is illegible but would seem to begin with a "9"or an "8". Zip codes for Washington DC begin with "2" and, as far as I know, did so in 1947 as well.

Anthony Marsh, in a posting on alt.assassination.jfk on October 22, 1999 wrote:

"We have a few suspicions of who might have forged it and why. Some fringe researchers such as David Truby and Trowbridge Ford."

Trowbridge Ford, a former Professor at Holy Cross College, not only denies forging anything, but believes himself that the memo is a fake. He says that the source of the memo was a journalist by the name of J. David Truby. All quotations are from this website.
a leading investigator of the JFK assassination, Jim Marrs, published Crossfire in which he, unbeknownst to me, completely trashed all my work on the Dallas assassination by claiming that President Nixon had had a long covert relation with Jack Ruby, going all the way back to the late 1940s. According to another JFK assassination researcher, Jim DiEugenio, though I have not seen the book, Marrs wrote this about about my work: "By the early 1980's, Ford told this author he had studied literally thousands of genuine FBI documents, and had slowly come to the conclusion that the Nixon-Ruby memo was probably legitimate." (e-mail, Oct. 20, 2003)

As far as I remember - though my former college employer destroyed all my files on the JFK assassination shortly after my departure, and without any consultation with me when I had persmission from my replacement to keep them in my old office until I had found new storage facilities, so I cannot be sure - I have never talked with with Marrs. The reference to the early 1980s sounds completely bogus as I was overseas from May 1981 until August 1984. I certainly know that I have never studied "literally thousands of genuine FBI documents," probably a handful at most. I have never visited any Bureau facility where they are stored. More importantly, I never came to believe the memo genuine. I originally was willing to look into its authencity, though I had not discovered it, but I quickly came to the conclusion that it was a forgery.
Ultimately, after Truby had written a draft article, and provided 10 pages of documentation, The National Tattler agreed to publish it since one of the documents was a memo by a Bureau staff assistant to a House committee stating the following: "It is my sworn statement that one Jack Rubenstein of Chicago, noted as a potential witness for hearings of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, is performing information functions for the staff of Cong. Richard M. Nixon, Republican of California. It is requested Rubenstein not be called for open testimony in those aforementioned hearings." By this time, though, I had concluded the memo was a forgery, especially since it had a distinct line running across it, indicating that the FBI lettterhead had been pasted onto the memo's body, and I threatened Truby by Western Union telegram that I would sue him if he published the story.

My biggest complaint of the memo, though, was that it contradicted my research. I discovered a compilation of documents that HUAC had prepared in 1939 as background for dealing with the alleged communist menace, and among them was a document, stating that Miriam Silvis and Jack Rubenstein had been dropped from the leadership of America's Young Communist League as part of Stalin's takeover by William Z. Foster of the whole operation. (Exhibit No. 211, "A Compilation of Sources Used as Exhibits to Show the Nature and Aims of the Communist Party," Congressional Hearings, House Un-American Activities Committee, 76th Congress, 1939-40, Appendix 1, pp. 919-22) By tracing Rubenstein's subsequent career - joining the Mafia, moving to Dallas, and changing his name to Ruby - Nixon helped find the basis of the Nixon-Mundt Bill which was intended to make other communists change their lives in similar ways. In sum, Nixon knew all he needed to know about Rubenstein without ever meeting the former communist, or using him in any way.

After Ruby shot Oswald there were a number of stories about the "Communist" Jack Rubenstein. However, it is now clear that the Communist Jack Rubenstein was a different individual than the Jack Ruby (formerly Rubenstein) who shot Oswald. Yes, there were two Jack Rubensteins. More information about the Communist Jack Rubenstein can be found here.

The memo, while Truby had made it part of the documentation, was neither found nor supplied by me. The claim that Nixon had gotten Ruby out of a jam - what implied that he would be willing to do something for the Congressman in return - was completely false. Nixon had so turned up the heat on the former communist, and seller of Iskra in Chicago that he had become a runner for Sam Giancana in Dallas. Lutz did repeat, though, that "I'd be more than happy to explore our arguments in court" with all concerned, explaining why nothing resulted from them for fear that any action, and clarification would just compound Nixon's problems.

Seven months later, the respected Writer's Digest published two articles relating to my problems, one entitled "Tattling on The National Tattler," showing what a sleazy, fly-by-night publication it was, and another dealing directly with Truby and me, "Meanwhile at The Tattler: 'Dirty Tricks and Terror'." I was quite satisfied with it because it showed that Truby had learned of me through Tatro, had gotten the memo from a Justice Department source, had misunderstood its content in a way I never would have - claiming that Jack Rubenstein was an alias of Ruby when it was his real name - and had supplied the memo both to the tabloid and Writer's Digest. (January 1976 issue, p. 34) The rest of the article was more in keeping with the first one, Truby claiming that the Lutz article had been stolen from him, and demanding payment, though the WD one did repeat my challenge to Nixon, Connally, Helms, and other to sue me if they objected to my claims, and explained that I was not suing anyone in order not to ruin my contentions about the conspiracy over minor mistakes.

In fact, I was so confident that claims about the memo were dead that I never even mentioned its existence when I had a three-part article on the JKF assassination published in The National Exchange, only adding this to what was said before about the former President's knowledge of Ruby: "Nixon had come across this one-time member of the national bureau of the Young Communist League when he was researching his two monographs for HUAC on what to do about Communists in the wake of the House citing the 'Hollywood Ten' for contempt of Congress." (vol. 2, no. 9, April 1978, p. 8.

Trowbridge Ford's reasons for believing the document to be a fake were groundless. The line across the middle of the document appear to be the result of the second FBI document stapled to the HUAC letter and Ford was mistaken in thinking that Ruby was ever a member of the Young Communist League.

So which Rubenstein is the subject of the memo? The reference to him being from Chicago would indicate that it was the Jack Ruby.

I am going to look into this further and will hopefully update this post. If any of my readers live in Pennsylvania, perhaps some research into the J. David Truby Collection would shed some more light into the matter.

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From Daniel Hopsicker:

Was Mohamed Atta 'close associate' in Florida a CIA pilot?

Wolfgang Bohringer, the German pilot who was one of Mohamed Atta’s closest associates in Florida as well as the subject of an FBI terror alert in the South Pacific, was apprehended two weeks ago and taken into custody, but then was almost immediately released after he told authorities responsible for his capture that he works for the CIA.
This is really brilliant analysis:

Defining Catastrophe Up

A rhetorical change I’m noticing since the ISG report came out is that we have to stay in Iraq “to prevent a wider regional war,” aka “the new thirty years’ war” and so on. That suggests that our mission is no longer preventing “full-blown civil war,” which used to be what we had to prevent, or “increased sectarian strife,” which is what we had to prevent before that, or “increasing insurgent violence” which is what we had to prevent before that. The pattern has always been:

1. Declare that we must stay in Iraq to prevent some Bad Thing from happening.

2. Bad Thing happens anyway.

3. Declare that we must stay in Iraq to prevent some Worse Thing from happening.

4. Worse Thing happens anyway.

5. Reiterate sequence.
Wonkette sums up the War on Terror:

If we remember this whole 9/11 thing correctly, a bunch of privileged Saudis with U.S. Embassy ties led by a stripper-loving hard-partying Egyptian playboy bought first-class plane tickets with money from Pakistan’s secret service and crashed passenger jets into the WTC, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.

In retaliation, the Bush Administration attacked some fanatic goat herders in Afghanistan and then began an occupation of Iraq that’s already lasted four bloody years.
I didn't cover yesterdays WorldNetDaily story that Soy is making kids 'gay'. WorldNetDaily is one of those "conservative" sites that pretend to be news sites, like Fox News.

The article in question doesn't actually present any evidence that there is a connection between soy products and homosexuality, although the author, James Rutz, claims that such evidence exists--somewhere. Rutz himself has done no scientific research given that he is the pastor of Open Church Ministries. But now it turns out that this is not the nuttiest idea he has. He also believes that God is reanimating corpses today, in at least 52 countries around the world (but always in out-of the-way third-world countries where the claims cannot be properly evaluated. ) Also, God only revives the recently dead for some reason, when he could just as easily, it seems to me, bring back John F. Kennedy, who would be eligible to run for another term.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

“If he goes to Dallas they are going to kill him”.

So said anti-Castro activist John Martino, as related by his son, Edward R. Martino Ph.D. , who put his recollections together in this document posted on Larry Hancock's site.

Monday, December 11, 2006

I will let Orlando Letelier have the last word on Augusto Pinochet.

I was born a Chilean, I am a Chilean, I will die a Chilean. They, the fascists, were born traitors, live as traitors and will be remembered forever as fascist traitors.

Obviously news photographers in Lebanon are all men.

Update: more hot Lebanon babes
Hot Babe at Protest in Lebanon

Holocaust Denier's Conference in Iran

TEHRAN, Dec. 11 — Holocaust deniers and skeptics from around the world gathered at a government-sponsored conference here today to discuss their theories about whether six million Jews were indeed killed by the Nazis during World War II and whether gas chambers existed.

In a speech opening the two-day conference, Rasoul Mousavi, head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Institute for Political and International Studies, which organized the event, said it was an opportunity for scholars to discuss the subject “away from Western taboos and the restriction imposed on them in Europe.”

One of these "scholars" is rabid racist anti-semite David Duke. 'Nuff said.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Video: Abu Ghraib Detainee Tells His Story

He saw eight detainees shot and killed during a demonstration. This is one of several videos from a new site Alive in Baghdad, founded by Brian Conley, an American journalist, featuring videos made by Iraqis.
Report from Afghanistan

Something significant happened in Kabul on Sept. 8 when a Toyota station wagon packed with explosives rammed two U.S. Humvees at the gates of the American embassy, setting off a massive blast.

The Taliban claimed credit for the bombing, as if to say: We can now strike anywhere. When I interviewed eyewitnesses a few days after the blast, shreds of clothing and a shoe still hung from the branches of a nearby tree. Local shopkeepers described the suicide bomber as “very clean,” “dressed in white” and “wearing eyeliner.” They said he paid $100 for a cigarette just before parking in the spot from which he launched his attack against two American Humvees.
Wearing eyeliner?

Friday, December 08, 2006

Photo of the Day (from Time's White House Photo Blog )
The Foley Report is now out, so here are 104 pages of the Perverted Instant Messages

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Robert Oswald on Secret Service conspiracy suspicions (originally posted by James Richards on John Simkin's forum)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"Polonium" Restaurant Capitalizes on Ex-KGB Spy Case

The owners of a restaurant in northern England are having their hands full these days, unexpectedly capitalizing on the death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.

The reason for the rising popularity of the establishment in Sheffield is in its name - "The Polonium Restaurant".

Ever since word broke that the former Russian spy was poisoned with radioactive polonium-210, the place has been fully packed.

The Polish owner say the place was not named after the radioactive stuff, but a Polish folk band he played in some 30 years ago.

The notorious name, however, is paying off for the restaurant with business up as much as 30 %.

Monday, December 04, 2006

AVI BioPharma Awarded $28M Biodefense Research Contract

PORTLAND, Or -- AVI BioPharma, Inc. (Nasdaq: AVII), has executed a two-year $28 million research contract with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) of Fort Belvoir, Va., an agency of the United States Department of Defense (DoD). The contract will fund AVI’s development of antisense therapeutics to treat the effects of Ebola, Marburg and Junin hemorrhagic viruses, which are seen as biological warfare and bioterrorism agents.
Jose Padilla, an American citizen, was held for over three years without any charges against him. Finally, on November 22, 2005 he was indicted. The evidence against him has never been tested in court. It is unclear when or if there will be a trial.

Padilla's lawyers claim that his mistreatment has included "isolation; sleep and sensory depravation; hoodings; stress positions; exposure to noxious fumes; exposure to temperature extremes; threats of imminent execution; assaults; the forced administration of mind-altering substances; denial of religious practices; manipulation of diet; and other forms of mistreatment."

Friday, December 01, 2006

UFO Reportedly Crashed in Siberia

Russian news agency RIA-Novosoti has reported that an unidentified flying object has crashed on Krasnayarsk area of Siberia this morning. The crash caused a small forest fire.

The object crashed on an area exactly between Yeniseisk and Lesosibirsk towns in Krasnayarks. Authorities were informed by the residents of the area immediately. Russian Air Force authorities said there were no registered flights detected in the area at the time when the object was crashed.

Siberia Emergency Team sent a helicopter to the crash scene for further investigation.
More here:

Law enforcement authorities in the Krasnoyarsk region told Interfax residents had reported seeing a "flying apparatus" plunge from the sky at about 10 a.m.

Residents of the remote area, some 260 kilometres north of the regional capital of Krasnoyarsk, said the surrounding area had been charred, showing signs of a fire.

"Sushi Girl" in Litvinenko Poisoning Case Lives in Fear

A SCARED sushi bar girl who served Alexander Litvinenko said last night: “I feel like I’m caught in the middle of some mad spy movie.”

Stunning Ela Malek, 22, fears she may have been contaminated by the radiation poison that slowly killed the ex-KGB agent.

She said she is “terrified” she could suffer the same grisly fate.
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