Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Captain Erika L. Proctor, USAF
This is the woman identified as "Captain Amerika" in the story I quoted from yestarday. This photo is from This site is put up by Maj. Kevin Furlong described yesterday as the "BITTER FORMER AIR FORCE MAJOR WHO POSTED WIFE'S NUDE PIX ON INTERNET." Bitter is putting it mildly, and his motivations must be taken into consideration.

This story is about a selfish military careerist using any means to get promoted. This story also includes adultery with LtGen Michael V. Hayden, and his influence on her behalf while the Director of the National Security Agency . . . and the possibility of blackmail by Captain amErika to get what she wants. Click on her name to see more about the former Deputy Information Liaison for Doubtful Operations (DILDO) at Tyndall AFB and the 'slap on the wrist' that led her to civilian employment at NSA. Find out more about about NSA civilian Jack E. Griffith, and his affair with Captain amErika that started in 2001 that led to her divorce and civilian shift to NSA.

I haven't clicked on the "nude pics and movies" link but obviously not work friendly.

Adultery! Hookers! Hayden! Joseph Cannon of Cannonfire picks up the story.

Update: After taking a closer look at this site it appears that Major Furlong is not the current webmaster but this site contains his previous site with some updates. All the "sodomy" photos are apparently of Furlong and his ex-wife Erika. The photos and videos were originally taken for "private viewing" and end up on the internet. (When will women learn?) They first got involved when he was still married to another woman and later she cheats on him. Go figure. He really seems to have it in for her.


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Hi Gary,

I've put this up too. Good god, what is wrong with these people?

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