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Bradley Earl Ayers was intimately involved in the CIA's war against Castro. In 1976 he wrote The War That Never Was

In a letter to Jack Anderson (1st March, 1995) he wrote:

Despite the obstacles and distractions, I have persevered in my effort to make known that information from my service with the CIA that I believed was relevant to the Kennedy assassination and that I felt the American people had a right to know. Naively, I wrote a book, THE WAR THAT NEVER WAS, which was published in 1976, expecting that my manuscript would make a contribution to the growing body of evidence pointing to a conspiracy in the President's death. I have recently learned that the managing editor at the publishing house was on the CIA payroll, intercepting and censoring books that might be damaging to the Agency.
Now he is preparing to tell all in The Zenith Secret which is scheduled to come out in December of this year. For a peek at what the book will contain, here is what he told John R. Tunheim, of the Assassination Records Review Board in a letter of August 23, 1994:

I believe the following living individuals have intimate operational knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the assassination and the possible role of the persons and/or operations listed in the paragraph which follows:

Theodore Shackley - Chief of Station, JMWAVE Robert Wall - Deputy Chief of Operations, JMWAVE

Grayson Lynch - Contract paramilitary trainer/agent, JMWAVE

Felix Rodriguez - Contract paramilitary agent (Cuban born), JMWAVE

Thomas Clines - CIA paramilitary case officer, JMWAVE

Above named persons with reference to:

Gordon Campbell (current status unknown) - Deputy Chief of Station, JMWAVE

David Morales (deceased) - Chief of Operations, JMWAVE

"Rip" Robertson (deceased) - Contract paramilitary agent JMWAVE

Edward Roderick (current status unknown) - U. S. Army Major, explosives expert/Corp of Engineers, attached to JMWAVE and later CIA employee upon retirement from Army

Tony Sforza (deceased) - Contract paramilitary agent, JMWAVE
Operation (code name) "Red Cross" - JMWAVE, Fall 1963
Here is a blurb from The Zenith Secret:

The information in this post came from John Simkin's JFK Forum


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I'm acquainted with Ted Shackley (sp?) and Tony Sforza. I'm going to look up these other names.

BTW, I really like your site.

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