Friday, October 28, 2005

The FBI, General Walker and Mad Magazine
A Prescient Warning in 1961

Concerning the Future of the JFK Presidency

The Presidential Motorcade In Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963
Report from Federal Bureau of Investigation

Dated December 9th, 1963

_____ H. Garrick, 3150 Old ___ Road, Bridgeport, Connecticut, employed as a cost accountant at the H.B. Ives Company of New Haven, Connecticut, furnished the following information:
Garrick advised that as a shareholder in the Rutland Railway Corporation ______ Vermont, he attended a stockholders meeting of that corporation at Rutland, Vermont, in April of 1961. He advised that among others present at that meeting were the following described individuals:

Frank C. La Grange, who he advised is the owner of La Grange & Company, 61 Broadway, New York City, and whom he further described as an investment banker, financier and a member of the Board of Directors of the New York Central Railroad; _____ A. Bruno, whom he described as a railroad securities advisor for the Wall Street ____ ; L. James Gumpert whom he described as a retired former Vice President of Bon-Ami Corporation, presently Vice President of the B.T. Babbit Company and also a member of the Board of Directors of the ______ Railway Corporation.

Garrick advised that following this meeting of the Board of Directors of the Rutland Railway Corporation held in April of 1961 he had lunch on the same date with the above three mentioned individuals at a small restaurant, name unrecalled, located across from the freight yard on a side street opposite a large parking lot which had formally been the location of the railroad station in Rutland. Garrick stated that during conversations at this luncheon, La Grange while in the midst of a tirade against labor unions and the Government, made a statement "mark my words President Kennedy will not finish his first term". Garrick stated that he asked La Grange to amplify his statement. He stated that La Grange then said that Mr. Kennedy was not favorable toward business and that there was a group with a lot of money who wanted to put Mr. Johnson in the President's position but he stated that he could not go into the identities of the individuals in the group. Garrick further stated that he then asked La Grange what he meant by stating that President Kennedy would not finish his term. At this point Garrick was quite vague and reports La Grange as having stated either that Mr. Kennedy would meet a violent end or had used some words to that effect.

Garrick was unable to furnish any further information concerning this incident other than to state that the remarks which he attributed to La Grange had been made also in the presence of Bruno and Gumpert.

Inquiry at The LaGrange Company, 61 Broadway, New York, New York, revealed that Mr. Frank C. La Grange had died on June 13, 1964.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Essential Reading

Joan Mellen's long-awaited book on former New Orlean's District Attorney Jim Garrison's investigation into the Kennedy assassination is now available. I have not received my copy yet, but researchers who have had a look at her manuscript have said that it is a block-buster.

Available from

  • Amazon

  • Last Hurrah Bookshop

  • Amazon may be more convenient for widely available books like this one, but for the more obscure books on assassinations and other conspiracies, researchers have been going to Last Hurrah for decades.

    Wednesday, October 26, 2005

    Syria: The Next War?

    Everyone should read JFK assassination researcher Lisa Pease's article on Syria, excerpts of which I quote below:

    Syria: Falsely Accused as Pretext for War?

    I talked to an intelligence analyst not long ago who told me to keep an eye on Syria. He said we couldn't get to Iran until we first secured Iraq, and the only way to do that would be to secure the borders, i.e. Syria, through which aid flows to insurgents in Iraq.

    Combine this with my long experience with government cover-ups, and you can imagine how skeptical I am of the UN Report, informally called the Mehlis report after lead Commissioner Detlev Mehlis, implicating the Syrian government in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. This seems to me to be the next "yellowcake," the next "sexed-up" intelligence leading us to yet another war.

    Remember when President Reagan ordered the bombing of the house of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi? The justification given was that there had been solid evidence that Colonel Qaddafi's security forces had been behind the April 1986 bombing of the German disco La Belle. But a German documentary that aired in August of 1998 concluded that the case against the main suspect was so weak as to make him appear a patsy. The Berlin judge found the case against the lead suspect, Yasser Chraidi, so weak that he threatened to throw the case out of court unless better evidence could be presented.

    So who stepped up to the plate to ensure a conviction, in spite of the lack of evidence? You guessed it, or should have guessed it if you follow these patterns: Detlev Mehlis. Who was being protected? According to the German documentary, the CIA and the Mossad. Mehlis met with a CIA agent named Musbah Eter and promised him immunity if he would implicate Chraidi in the plot. Eter did, the plot was "sold" to the world, and Reagan sealed it with a bomb attack on Qaddafi's home.
    Is Karl Rove Gay?

    Karl Rove: Known in Gay Circles as 'Miss Piggy'

    In Washington's more 'discreet' gay bars Karl Rove is well-known as a frequent visitor. Witty gays have given him the nickname 'Miss Piggy, after the character on 'The Muppets'. Whether this refers to his appearance ['the doughboy'] or his sexual preferences is open to speculation.

    Read the whole article--I think you'll enjoy it as much as I did.
    From AmericaBlog:

    CIA: Plame leak damaged US national security
    by John in DC - 10/25/2005 05:5 8:00 PM

    I just watched this on CNN this afternoon:

    Wolf Blitzer: Does the CIA believe that there was damage done to US national security as a result of Valerie Plame Wilson's name being leaked?

    David Ensor, CNN National Security Correspondent: I'm told that in the day that it was leaked there was a quick look done, as there routinely would be, at whether there was damage. Officials simply won't go into the details, but I did speak to one official who did say yes, there was damage, this woman had a long career and she was posing as someone else, and all those people who saw her now know that she wasn't the person they thought that they were dealing with.

    Janet Jackson's in the News!

    (What, you think I 'm going to tell you why? This isn't a gossip column people (but look for my Karl Rove is gay item.) So why a Janet Jackson post? If you have to ask then you're gay.

    Tuesday, October 25, 2005

    The Strategy

    1. Shift the Blame

    Newsmax reported the story as:

    NY Times: CIA Leaked Plame's Name

    The ultimate source of information identifying Leakgate accuser Valerie Plame as a CIA employee my turn out to be the CIA itself, the New York Times reported Tuesday.

    The New York Times itself had the story as:

    Cheney drawn into CIA spy leak investigation

    Even Fox News phrased the story as:

    Plame Leak Said to Come From Cheney

    And if George Tenet gave the information about Plame to Cheney, so what? Cheney is cleared for classified information--just not to give it to the press.

    2. Smear Joseph Wilson

    On Hannity and Colmes last night Sean Hannity said Joseph Wilson has "frankly, lied repeatedly" and that "he's a left-wing radical with a political agenda."

    3. Smear Patrick Fitzgerald

    W pals bushwhack CIA leak prosecutor

    He's a vile, detestable, moralistic person with no heart and no conscience who believes he's been tapped by God to do very important things," one White House ally said, referring to special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald.
    Are you sure he wasn't talking about George W. Bush? Or is this what they call projection?

    4. No Crime Here

    It is all just the "criminalization of politics" or some little "technical" crime (like perjury or obstruction of justice). Columnist John Tierney had this to say:

    No one deserves to go to jail for leaking information to reporters without criminal intent. The special prosecutor was assigned to look for serious crimes, not to uncover evidence that bureaucrats blame other bureaucrats when things go wrong.

    Tell it to the jury.

    Monday, October 24, 2005

    Olson Twins Nearly Naked

    The folks over at The Aurora ought to be ashamed of themselves for posting a photo of the Olson Twins with scarcely any clothes on--obviously in a shameless attempt to boost their web traffic.

    You're welcome.

    Friday, October 21, 2005

    Watergate and the Secret Army Organization

    As we wait for what may be another Watergate-level event to unfold, it might be a good idea to look back at the time of Watergate, and some of the covert history that did not become part of the official record.

    The Secret Army Organization, in many ways a sucessor to the Minutemen, was founded in February 1970 by Jerry Lynn Davis and Howard Barry Godfrey. Godfrey had been an FBI informant since 1967. The SAO stockpiled weapons and explosives and used them. In 1972 they bombed the Guild Theatre, a venue for pornography. They also fired shots into the home of a radical economics professor, Peter Bohmer, wounding a woman within.

    Godfrey was a man with plans. They included:

    1) putting massive dosages of LSD, cyanide or strychnine into punch at anti-war meetings.

    2) bombing the Headquarters of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and several porn theatres

    3) bombing the homes or offices of anti-war leaders

    4) kidnapping or assassinations of anti-war leaders

    5) fire bombing of vehicles and property belonging to anti-war activists

    By November-December of 1971 his plans included dropping high explosives and phosphorus by plane on anti-war demonstrations and filling a plane with TNT or C-4 plastique and using it to blow up Air Force One and kill President Nixon. The SAO distributed a "Wanted for Treason" flyer featuring Nixon, eerily similar to one that had been distributed in Dallas in 1963.

    Richard Popkin asked "Were there elements which opposed Nixon for his policy of rapprochement with China and Russia, and which would have preferred, say, Spiro Agnew as President?"

    According to the NY Times (June 27, 1975) the ACLU had sent a report to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence which contained some startling information:

    FBI informer John Rasperry stated that the FBI had instructed him to assassinate radical professor Peter Bohmer. Rasperry also declared that the FBI had paid for $10-20K worth of weapons and explosives.

    According to the Times, "In addition to the F.B.I.'s direct control over the Secret Army, the White House allegedly maintained contact with the group through Donald H. Segretti, who was later convicted for directing a campaign of political espionage and sabotage against the Democratics in 1972."

    (According to the Citizen's Research and Investigation Committee , Donald Segretti also met with, and gave money to, Arthur Bremer, who later shot George Wallace.)

    According to the San Diego Union (Jan 11, 1976):

    "Despite the staggering number of crimes Godfrey committed, the FBI prevented the San Diego D.A.'s office from prosecuting him."

    The same paper, on Jan 16, quoted Steve Christensen, the FBI agent who supervised Godfrey for five years:

    "Yes, I suppose you could say we were involved in some interesting activities. And other activities were going on elsewhere," he said during a telephone interview. "But I cannot discuss them."

    According to Donald Freed in the chapter "Operation Gemstone" in Big Brother and the Holding Company, Louis Tackwood, ex-agent provocateur for the Los Angeles Police Department told of plans to provoke a small-scale war at the Republican Convention, then expected to be held in San Diego, leading to the declaration of a "State of Emergency" and martial law. Tackwood was to lead a team of black and Chicano provocateurs, which would foment street violence. Inside the convention hall explosives would kill and maim Republican delegates.

    According to Freed: "An FBI provocateur, William Lemmer, has since admitted that a group posing as VVAW cadres, but with a special lightning flash insignia for recognition, would fire on convention delegates with automatic weapons." VVAW was Vietnam Veterans Against the War, led by John Kerry.

    The possible connections between Watergate, the Secret Army Organization, and the attempted assassination of George Wallace should have been, but were not, fully explored by the Senate Watergate Committee. There may have been, as well, connections to another, successful, assassination attempt:

    In The Glass House Tapes, Tackwood is quoted as saying:

    "I'm giving up only two names. There's 'Martin', and there's 'White'. Aright, now, 'Martin' was the code name for my contact, and I'm gonna tell you he's C.I.A., all the way. Are you ready for this? He was in Dallas when they got Kennedy; he left out of there for the Caribbean."

    Martin and White were names used by James McCord and Howard Hunt.


    Big Brother and the Holding Company: The World Behind Watergate, edited by Stephen R. Weismann, Ramparts Press, 1974

    The Glass House Tapes - The Story of an Agent Provocateur and the New Police Intelligence Complex, Citizens Research & Investigation Committee and Louis Tackwood, Avon Books, 1973.

    Mormon Spies, Hughes and the CIA, Jerald and Sandra Tanner, Utah Lighthouse Ministry, 1976
    "Th fundamental question of philosophy (like that of psychoanalysis) is the same as the question of the detective novel: who is guilty?" -- Umberto Eco

    Thursday, October 20, 2005

    Torture-One Victim's Story (from the Sunday Herald) - Excerpts below

    ON each stage of his journey, as he descended further and further into the gulags and torture chambers of the war on terror, Benyam Mohammed al-Habashi was shadowed by British intelligence. The British were there in Karachi when Americans interrogated him and Pakistanis tortured him; they were feeding questions to the Moroccan torturers who took a scalpel to his penis; they stood back and watched as he was dragged to an American torture chamber in Afghanistan and then to the gulag of Guantanamo, where he languishes to this day.

    Al-Habashi was seeking refugee status in the UK and thought of himself as British, so he was surprised when the American FBI arrived at the Pakistani jail to interrogate him. They told him he was a top al-Qaeda operative. Al-Habashi pointed out that he couldn’t even speak Arabic.
    He laughed at them, and the Americans told him that if he didn’t start talking, he’d be taken to an Arabic country and tortured.

    One guard told him how the torture would happen, saying: “They’ll come in wearing masks and beat you up. They’ll beat you with sticks. They’ll rape you first, then they’ll take a glass bottle, they break the top off and they make you sit on it.”

    “One of them,” al-Habashi’s statement says, “took my penis in his hand and began to make cuts. He did it once, and they stood still for maybe a minute, watching my reaction. I was in agony, crying, trying desperately to suppress myself, but I was screaming ... They must have done this 20 or 30 times in maybe two hours. There was blood all over ... They cut all over my private parts. One of them said it would be better to just cut it off as I would only breed terrorists … there were even worse things. Too horrible to remember, let alone talk about.”

    The Americans then helped him compose his confession. “The story was like this,” al-Habashi says. “First, Jose Padilla and I were meant to have good connections because we both spoke English. We were meant to have been hanging out together. Second, I was meant to have come to Afghanistan with him ... third, I was meant to say that he and I were going to go to the US to explode a dirty bomb … By then, I just did what they told me.”

    Read the whole story. The actions described go far beyond making a suspect wear underwear on his head , or standing in "stress positions" or even water-boarding. These are not the activities of a few rogue military personell working the late shift. This is TORTURE and it is part of a pattern of torture, a policy of torture, formulated at the highest levels of our government. A policy of torture that is in clear violation of national and international law, and of all standards of civilized conduct and human decency. President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney should be impeached.

    Tom DeLay's Arrest Warrant

    Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    Tomorrow's News Today?

    Ted Callaway: Dallas native saw Oswald shortly after JFK's slaying

    09:33 PM CST on Wednesday, March 16, 2005

    By CHRISTY A. ROBINSON / The Dallas Morning News

    On Nov. 22, 1963, Ted Callaway was standing on the front porch of Harris Bros. Auto Sales when he heard five gunshots.

    His subsequent experience with Lee Harvey Oswald soon after Dallas police Officer J.D. Tippit was killed turned Mr. Callaway into a participant in the Warren Commission hearings.

    Mr. Callaway, 81, died March 10 of complications from pneumonia at Doctors Hospital in Dallas. His services were Tuesday at Restland Funeral Home.

    "He was very concerned about the state of the nation at the time, and for the president's family," said his son, Robert Callaway of Dallas. "He was also concerned about his own family because of being an eyewitness."

    Mr. Callaway was working at the car lot when President John F. Kennedy was shot, according to his Warren Commission testimony. Officer Tippit, patrolling the area, pulled up next to Mr. Oswald, who shot the officer and fled.

    Those shots brought Mr. Callaway out onto the sidewalk, where Mr. Oswald, gun in hand, walked hurriedly down Patton Avenue, as close as 18 yards away.

    Mr. Callaway testified that he yelled to Mr. Oswald, "Hey man, what the hell is going on?" Mr. Oswald stopped, said something unintelligible in reply, shrugged and walked quickly west on Jefferson Boulevard.

    Mr. Callaway and others gathered around Officer Tippit's squad car. The officer was lying in the street.

    The salesman and a cabdriver had seen Mr. Oswald headed toward Texas Theater. They got in a taxi and drove on 10th Street, Crawford Street, Jefferson and Beckley Avenue trying to find him.

    Police captured Mr. Oswald at the theater 45 minutes after he shot the officer. Mr. Callaway picked him out of a police lineup that night.

    "It was a sunny but very cold day. You could feel the cold of the nation, like September 11th," said Mr. Callaway's son, who was in fifth grade at the time.

    The elder Mr. Callaway believed that Mr. Oswald was the lone gunman but that others were involved in the assassination.

    A few days before the assassination, Mr. Callaway sold an old car to a clean-cut, well-dressed businessman, said his daughter Katy Callaway of Dallas.

    Mr. Callaway discovered it was bought under a bogus name, and the Secret Service found the vehicle next door to where Oswald lived, Ms. Callaway said.

    Two days after the assassination, someone fired on the car lot, she said. Police never found the gunman. Secret Service agents kept watch on the family for two weeks.

    In the coming decades, Mr. Callaway gave interviews to media outlets and authors delving into the controversy of that day, including 60 Minutes and Geraldo Rivera.

    He helped with the filming of The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald and Oliver Stone's JFK, his family said, and Southern Methodist University students would call him through the years seeking information for projects related to the assassination.

    The Dallas native was born Aug. 26, 1923. He graduated from Sunset High School and studied English at Southern Methodist University.

    He married Jeannette Callaway in 1951.

    From 1942 to 1945 and from 1951 to 1954 he served in the Marine Corps. He was a survivor of Iwo Jima, Saipan and Guadalcanal.

    "He was a marksman in the Marines," Ms. Callaway said. "He used the same [kind of] rifle Oswald used, so he knew everything about it."

    Mr. Callaway was a 32nd-degree Mason and a member of First Baptist Church in Dallas.

    "He was in the nursing home, and some people visited him for interviews" for an upgrade on a book. Ms. Callaway said. "They visited him [there] twice, the last time about a year ago."

    In addition to his son and daughter, Mr. Callaway is survived by another daughter, Maggie Tarasoff of Dallas; a sister, Jean Carmack of Dallas; and two grandchildren.

    (Emphasis added)

    What did the President know--And when did he know it?

    WASHINGTON - An angry President Bush rebuked chief political guru Karl Rove two years ago for his role in the Valerie Plame affair, sources told the Daily News.

    "He made his displeasure known to Karl," a presidential counselor told The News. "He made his life miserable about this."

    Asked if he believed indictments were forthcoming, a key Bush official said he did not know, then added: "I'm very concerned it could go very, very badly."

    "Karl is fighting for his life," the official added, "but anything he did was done to help George W. Bush. The President knows that and appreciates that."

    Other sources confirmed, however, that Bush was initially furious with Rove in 2003 when his deputy chief of staff conceded he had talked to the press about the Plame leak.

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    I prefer to die as a free man struggling to create a human community than as a pawn of empire. -- William Appleton Williams

    Monday, October 17, 2005

    Rice: After 9-11 “We Could Decide the Proximate Cause Was Al Qaeda”

    This morning on NBC’s Meet the Press, Condoleezza Rice explains why we invaded Iraq:

    The fact of the matter is that when we were attacked on September 11, we had a choice to make. We could decide that the proximate cause was al Qaeda and the people who flew those planes into buildings and, therefore, we would go after al Qaeda…or we could take a bolder approach.

    UPDATE: Crooks and Liars has the video.
    Is Bush falling apart?

    Clearly his administration is but to what extent is the President personally losing it? Capitol Hill Blue has been reporting on the President's alleged instability for some time now, citing anonymous sources. Are they right? Here are excerpts from their latest:

    Government by Temper Tantrum

    October 11, 2005
    by Doug Thompson
    Capitol Hill Blue

    “He’s out of control,” one White House aide says privately. “There’s no other way to put it. His anger spills over in meetings. He berates anyone who brings him bad news but there's not a lot of good news we can bring the President right now. He calls other Republicans 'motherfucking traitors' and it is becoming more and more of a challenge to keep that anger from showing in public.”

    Consider this from Andrew Stephan of The Observer in London:

    “The 43rd US President has always had a much-publicized knack for mangled syntax, but now George Bush often searches an agonizingly long time, sometimes in vain, for the right words. His mind simply blanks out at crucial times. He is prone, I am told, to foul-mouthed temper tantrums in the White House. His handlers now rarely allow him to speak an unscripted word in public,”

    Stephan wrote that analysis on October 17, 2004, two weeks before last years’s election. In the same article he reported:

    “A senior Republican, experienced and wise in the ways of Washington, told me last Friday that he does not necessarily accept that Bush is unstable, but what is clear, he added, is that he is now manifestly unfit to be President.”

    That was nearly year ago. Since then the situation has only gotten worse.
    I should be ashamed of myself for repeating this unsubstantiated gossip from Ratbang Diary:

    Like…did you hear that Condi Rice and Harriet Miers are good friends…really really good friends for years and years? As in, really really really good friends for years and years and years. Well…that’s what I heard.

    Friday, October 14, 2005

    One flak. Flax are the official currency of the Branch Floridians and I would recommend a look at their website. I have added a link under the Mysticism section.

    Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    From a note by George W. Bush to Harriet Miers. Is private scatology ok then?
    An American in chains (Essential reading)

    The Sunday Times October 09, 2005,,2092-1817081_1,00.html

    Excerpts below-read the whole story!

    James Yee entered Guantanamo as a patriotic US officer and Muslim chaplain. He ended up in shackles, branded a spy. This is his disturbing story

    It didn’t matter that I was an army captain, a graduate of West Point, the elite US military academy. It didn’t matter that my religious beliefs prohibited me from being fully naked in front of strangers. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t been charged with a crime. It didn’t matter that my wife and daughter had no idea where I was. And it certainly didn’t matter that I was a loyal American citizen and, above all, innocent.

    I was accused of mutiny and sedition, aiding the enemy and espionage, all of which carried the death penalty. I was regarded as a traitor to the army and my country. This was all blatantly untrue — as would be proved when, after a long fight, all the charges against me were dropped and I won an honourable discharge from the army.

    I knew why I had been arrested: it was because I am a Muslim. I was just the latest victim of the hostility born the moment when the planes flew into the twin towers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

    My real “crime” had been that I had tried to ensure that the suspected Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters detained in the Gitmo cages were given every opportunity to practise their religion freely, one of the most fundamental of American ideals.

    The guards knew that Muslims believe that the Koran contains the actual words of God and is to be treated with the utmost respect. I never heard of an incident where a detainee hid anything dangerous in the Koran; doing so would be considered an insult. Yet the guards shook the prisoners’ Korans violently, broke bindings, ripped pages and dropped the
    book on the floor, all on the pretext of searching them.

    Translators with the Joint Intelligence Group (JIG) also confirmed that some prisoners were forced to prostrate themselves in the centre of a satanic circle lit with candles. Interrogators shouted at them, “Satan is your God, not Allah! Repeat that after me!”
    An Insight into the Bush Administration

    Clint Curtis (see my links under Heroes) is best known for his affadavit concerning computer vote fraud. He also provides a fascinating insight into a perspective of the Bush adminstration from now Congressman Tom Feeney, who has close ties to the Bush's. Here are some excerpts from conversations between Feeney and the owners of Yang Enterprises that Clint overheard as "A Fly On the Wall", from his book of that name.

    On privatization:

    In Feeney's own words "the inconsequential Republicans will follow based solely on the perceived opportunities, but the companies that support the party are the companies that will receive the actual benefits."

    Clint Curtis calls this "pirate-ization."

    Most small businesses were to be gradully squeezed out of being able to do business with the government. "Connected" large businesses being awarded far-reaching contracts would be easier to monitor and reduced the possibility of too much information getting out.

    On George W:

    Feeney always said that Jeb was the brightest of the Bush boys. While older brother Neal had promise, his felony convictions for fraud had permanently tainted his ability to enter politics. George W. had always been regarded by the family as "a little slow". "Just a bit retarded by Bush standards" to quote Feeney.

    On elections:

    In Florida, if George Bush could keep the election close, Feeney bragged that he could reduce the the minority vote and deliver the election to George. He had already implemented a list that would eliminate thousand of voters that would vote for the Democratic candidates. He also mentioned that the proper placement of police patrols could further reduce the black vote by as much as 25%.

    On deficits:

    "It didn't matter what sort of deficit might be created, by the time it was over they would all be very rich."

    On national security:

    The Bush people were going to capitalize on an event that would allow them to lead through fear. "If you can keep people afraid they are easy to manipulate."

    The Bush peoples plan was a strategic occupation of the Middle East. Iran, Iraq, and Syria were the first to be invaded and occupied.

    The Bush people, including Feeney believed that the Iraqis, Iranians, and Syrians would not put up much of a fight.

    Feeney stated "The Kennedy's were just want-to-be's, the Bush's are the Caesers".

    I came across a photo of this lovely on a boring rightwing blogsite describing her as their "mascot." But just looking into her eyes isn't it obvious that she holds moderate to liberal political views and probably has a deep interest in the Kennedy assassination? So I am liberating her and declaring her the Official Mascot of Covert History.

    This is not to slight our former Official Mascot pictured below.

    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    Racism in the Conservative Movement

    Recently I read the July-September issue of Citizen's Informer, the newspaper of the Council of Conservative Citizens. Page 5 has columns by major conservative activists Patrick Buchanan, Phyllis Schlafly, and Larry Pratt. Page 4 has an editorial on Hurricane Katrina titled Hurricane Katrina and a Racial Watershed. What lessons have we learned from the response to Hurricane Katrina, according the the editorialist?

    As this issue of the Citizens Informer was nearing press time, we were witness to the most egregious spectacle of savagery and barbarism ever before experienced in these United States. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, especially in the black-run city of New Orleans, brought rioting, looting, and criminality, a complete breakdown of social order.

    It was difficult to take in all the reports that were coming out by the minute. Accounts of little children--girls and boys--being gang-raped, rescue vans and copters being repeatedly fired upon by mobs of violent blacks. Anarchy, chaos, confusion, looting even by black police officers.

    Aside form the obvious lessons that should be drawn form this horrific example of widespread Negro misbehavior, we witnessed something else--whites at various shelters huddling together for safety, with their women kept in the center for protection. This was the only hopeful sign to come out of this great tragedy. When whites' survival was threatened, they banded together.

    I am not saying that Schlafly, Pratt, and Buchanan are racists--but, if they are not, why would they allow their columns to appear regularly in this racist rag?

    Is this editorial somehow atypical of Citizens Informer? Apparently not. On page 21 half a page is devoted to remarks made by one Jared Taylor at the C of CC Banquet. His presentation was titled "The Color of Crime." Here is part of what he had to say:

    I will tell you, for aesthetic reasons alone, I thing we have every justifiable reason to want our society, our country, our communities, to be white--I like the way my people look!
    Terror Alert Update

    So, the incredibly suspiciously-timed New York subway terror alert turns out to be a hoax.

    Sources: N.Y. subway threat tip a hoax

    From Kelli Arena
    CNN Washington Bureau

    Tuesday, October 11, 2005;
    A New York City police officer stands near a subway turnstile at Penn Station on Tuesday.

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Information that led to heightened security for the New York City transit system was a hoax, government sources said Tuesday.

    Government sources said the three men arrested in Iraq with suspected links to the possible plot had been interviewed and underwent lie detector tests showing they knew nothing about such a plan.

    From the beginning The Department of Homeland Security rather publically challenged the terror alert, at first anonymously and then through public spokesmen. A Fox News analyst put it down to "turf wars". As usual the mainstream media seems to have missed the main story. Most of the attention has been on local authorities vs. Dept. of Homeland Security but the real conflict would seem to be between Homeland Security and the Bush administration. The Congress should investigate the whole matter.

    Friday, October 07, 2005

    Terror Alert

    The timing of the New York subway terror alert is certainly interesting isn’t it? Bush gives a major speech on Iraq and the War on Terror. News coverage of the speech is threatened by reports and rumors of Karl Rove being indicted in the Valerie Plame affair. Which is then pushed of the news by a terror alert with links to Iraq. Maybe I am being paranoid—an occupational hazard of conspiracy realists—but there do seem to be reasons to at least question all of this.

    An official from the Department of Homeland Security told CNN that the agency has received intelligence regarding "a specific but not credible" threat to New York's subway system but intelligence officials believe the information is of "doubtful credibility."

    CNN also reported -- after the New York officials made their announcement -- that an unidentified high-ranking official in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said the threat Bloomberg and Kelly referred to was not credible ...

    Department of Homeland Security sources told ABC News they were very doubtful the threat information is credible.

    Blogger Professor Pan (see links) had this to say only hours before the alert:

    Watching the Bush cabal implode over the past few weeks has given me an immense amount of satisfaction, a gleeful, delicious schadenfreude. And it looks like I'll have more and more moments of pure joy as indictments and defeats continue to mount.

    So why am I so frightened?

    Maybe it's because I know how a terrified, desperate animal acts when it's cornered. And as the noose tightens around the criminals in this particular syndicate, I wonder -- with trepidation -- about their reaction.They know one strategy works for them when all else fails.


    With Bush floating trial balloons about militarizing the U.S. in response to an outbreak of avian flu, the likelihood that antiwar protesters were dosed with a biowarfare agent, and the addition of pre-emptive nuclear strikes to official Pentagon policy. . .

    Anyone who isn't terrified clearly isn't paying attention.

    And on Wednesday, September 28:

    Call me crazy...

    But I'm beginning to think there's a war going on beneath the surface of conventional politics. Bush is falling to pieces right in front of the television. Whether or not he's drinking again, there's no denying his continued mental and physical deterioration. I suspect that his puppetmasters have realized that he is no longer the man for the job.

    In the deepest, darkest political circles, Bush is finished. The opposition has been told to take off the gloves. Things are going to get very interesting.

    Joy Tomme at Ratbang Diary had this to say on Wednesday:

    The Repubs Have a Real Problem Now

    And God knows, they deserve it. Their puppet-king has decided to rule, for real.

    George W. Bush wants to be President.

    You could see it during his press conference yesterday. When he said he'd been listening to ideas from Senators, it was pure George W. Bush. He looked right into the camera with a sincerity not seen in a press conference in decades. And he divulged a George W. Bush epiphany that was so stunningly stupid it made one gasp.

    Not that the epiphany didn't occur. It probably did. But only GWB would have used it as a justification for naming an unqualified personal friend to the Supreme Court.He said he'd been listening to Senators and, he said, “One of the most interesting ideas I heard was, 'Why don't you pick somebody who hasn't been a judge? Why don't you reach outside the' -- I think one senator said - 'the judicial monastery?'”

    In that brief moment, we saw a delusional President who believed he could put forward any off-the-wall brainwave and it would be accepted as words of wisdom.

    The President was asked, “In your own mind”, how much political capital he had left, And the Prez said “Plenty. Plenty.”

    The operative words, of course, in the bit of dialogue in yesterday's press conference were, “in your own mind”. In the President's own mind, he is a leader, and it was clear yesterday, he has decided to lead without interference from his doctors, his minders or his advisors.

    Well, he's the GOP's problem. They created their monster and they don't want GWB to be President any more than we do. But what are they going to do about it?

    If I were the Prez, I'd stay out of helicopters. I'd even stay out of Air Force One. Matter of fact, I wouldn't even get on my mountain bike.

    But there's always the Leave-the-microphone-on-when-he-doesn't-know-it trick. That works well.

    Thursday, October 06, 2005


    Excerpts from a column by Joseph Trento (September 29, 2005)

    They are sweating at the White House and it is not over the hurricane hangover. The wide-ranging investigation into republican super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff which now spans from planting his cronies in the White House to a mobbed up murder investigation over the gangland style shooting of the owner of a fleet of gambling ships, has everyone’s attention.

    Our Justice Department sources tell us that one of the questions being examined is whether Abramoff and his colleagues were used to help spread cash among conservative ministers in the last several election cycles.

    We have learned the arrest of 38-year-old David H. Safavian, an Abramoff friend and former lobbying partner who landed a job in the Bush Administration (most recently as head of procurement policy at the Office of Management and Budget) is only the first casualty in a political scandal that could rival Watergate in the numbers of Presidential appointees caught in the Justice Department’s net. Safavian’s wife worked in a sensitive position on the Hill according to press reports.

    Our sources in the FBI say that the probe is now looking far beyond Abramoff’s relationship with House Majority Leader Tom Delay and his staff. A local Texas probe has already resulted in Delay’s indictment on state charges. The real question people at the White House keep asking is is Abramoff about to make a deal with prosecutors and start talking about the politicians he knows so much about?

    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    Kerry Thornley's "wall newspapers" are available online. The good people at have made available scans of Kerry Thornley's Decadent Worker and other publications. Kerry Thornley was the only person to write a book about Oswald before the assassination--and went on to found Discordianism, which was either a joke disguised as a new religion or a new religion disguised as a joke.

    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Smoking gun? This is last page of a document that someone was selling on e-Bay a while back. The seller was asking a lot of money for the unredacted version which he said named names in the JFK assassination conspiracy.


    I assume you realize there is no statute of limitations in obstruction of justice in a murder and the crap pulled [deleted] and then on me of very recent vintage is all part of the C.I.A.'s [deleted] coverup originally planned by [deleted], and continued by [deleted] after [deleted] was canned [deleted] during the exposure of James Jesus Angleton's attempts to peel the Oswald disinformation story cover away from [deleted]. When [deleted] was replaced by [deleted] the crap really go thick, and necessitated the demise of [deleted] by [deleted] since Angleton had threatened Coley with leaking the plot between [deleted] and [deleted]. The only way out was to [unclear] [deleted]. The reason I know this is that [deleted] in mid 74 threatened to expose the then secret white house file on [deleted] to block the impeachment by blowing off the multi-tiered coverup by [deleted] and [deleted] of their killing of Kennedy. [Deleted] responded by having [deleted] prematurelyl suface the smoking gun tape and cut us off at the pass.

    It goes without saying that if you analyse the [deleted] carefully you can see how much effort has been given internally by [deleted] and [deleted] to the coverup, inside C.I.A.

    [deleted] you've got the confession you've all needed. I'm sure [deleted] can track it down without much trouble and if you got on it right now and have [deleted] trigger the story on the release of the wave of the [deleted] release your Holy Grail will be a success. [deleted]

    Notice that all the names have been deleted by the seller except two: "Angleton had threatened Coley with leaking the plot between [deleted] and [deleted]. "
    This graphic is from: For some reason I really like this blog even though it is in Spanish--a language I do not speak.
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