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South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers

A law under consideration in South Dakota would expand the definition of "justifiable homicide" to include killings that are intended to prevent harm to a fetus—a move that could make it legal to kill doctors who perform abortions. The Republican-backed legislation, House Bill 1171, has passed out of committee on a nine-to-three party-line vote, and is expected to face a floor vote in the state's GOP-dominated House of Representatives soon.

Missouri Republicans move to eliminate child labor laws

This act modifies the child labor laws.

It eliminates the prohibition on employment of children under age fourteen.

Restrictions on the number of hours and restrictions on when a child may work during the day are also removed.

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Happy Valentine's Day

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One is often told that it is a very wrong thing to attack religion, because religion makes men virtuous. So I am told; I have not noticed it.
-- Bertrand Russell

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Reagan's embrace of apartheid South Africa

On a trip to the United States after winning the Nobel Prize in 1984, Bishop Desmond Tutu memorably declared that Reagan's policy was "immoral, evil and totally un-Christian."

Ronald Reagan, Enabler of Atrocities

When you're listening to the many tributes to President Ronald Reagan, often for his talent making Americans feel better about themselves, you might want to spend a minute thinking about the many atrocities in Latin America and elsewhere that Reagan aided, covered up or shrugged off in his inimitable "aw shucks" manner.

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Sibel Edmonds: The FBI "Kamikaze Pilots" Case; Omitted From 911 Commission Report

He said "we never got any warnings. Those conversations never existed; it never happened; period. He said this is very sensitive"and that no one should ever mention a word about this case; period.'
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