Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Update: Corsi is still at it. Apparently Kenyan intelligence investigated whether Obama was born in Kenya and didn't come up with much. Obama's grandmother may have given conflicting stories.

According to one alleged document:

We have also investigated Mama Sarah to find out if she is speaking the truth but she had come out as vague and incongruent.

In one interview with Mama Sarah Obama our officers recorded that Mama Sarah says she cannot remember if she attended the birth of Barack Obama or visited his parents at the Coast Provincial General Hospital around the official birthday of Barack Obama. But she confessed to have had part of her family there at around the same time. Some of her brothers were already working in Mombasa.

In a second interview done much later, she says that she is sure Barack Obama was born in Mombasa because she was visiting her family there when he was born, and they were called to the CPGH (Coast Provincial General Hospital) where she met Barack Obama's mother for the first time.

Yet in another interview Mama Sarah turned hostile and gave a conflicting testimony that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and the family only got to hear or learn of the birth through a letter that Barack Obama's father sent later.

Meanwhile WorldNetDaily says the new birth certificate is fake.

Jerome Corsi says the birth certificate is a fake. I think Jerome Corsi is a fake.
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