Thursday, May 11, 2006

New Developments in "Captain AmErika" Story

Joseph Cannon of Cannonfire posted another story about the allegations of Kevin Furlong that General Michael Hayden, among others, committed adultery with his ex-wife Erika.

Did General Hayden have an affair with this woman?

Don't bother clicking on the link because Joseph deleted the post after about six hours, alas before I had a chance to read it, for reasons elaborated here

The evidence for this adultery was always pretty flimsy, amounting to Kevin Furlong's allegation that she admitted it to him. Even a casual look at the website detailing these allegations will show that Furlong is way over the top, and perhaps even unhinged. For example, he refers to his ex-wife as "Captain AmErika" in letters to military officers.He does his cause, whatever he may think it to be, more harm than good.

Joseph Cannon provides further evidence, from usenet. posts that Furlong has credibility problems. I would say though that he goes too far, even suggesting that "Kevin Furlong" may not exist, may not have been married to Erika, and may even be a mentally-ill woman acting out some sort of bizarre fantasy. Official documents show otherwise.

Spook86, a pseudonym for a former member of the U.S. intelligence community, and a conservative, has this to say today:

In our own inquiry into the Hayden allegations, we've had the opportunity to examine more records relating to this case, including an Air Force IG investigation of the matter, conducted more than three years ago. The IG inquiry was based on a complaint from Major Furlong against his ex-wife. Readers will note that the IG found substantiation for only one charge, and she lated accepted non-judicial punishment (an Article 32) at Tyndall AFB, FL, on a single count of sodomy. The "evidence" was based on the videotape that her ex-husband provided. Interestingly, Furlong originally claimed that the man in the video was someone else, but the IG concluded that it was, in fact, Major Furlong. After receiving the Article 32, Mrs. Furlong (then a Captain) left the active ranks, and began a career as a civilian intel analyst, while retaining her officer's commission in the Air Force Reserve. She is currently works for a national-level agency in the Washington, D.C. area, and has refused comment on these matters.
He also reproduces the Inspector General's Summary Report of Investigation. Unfortunately, after page 1 his links do not work. The full report can be found on the CaptainAmerika site here. You have to scroll down a bit to find it.

In conclusion, the Hayden adultery allegation is flimsy and unsubstantiated at best, and I strongly doubt the mainstream media or the Congress will touch it, and rightly so. Also Mr. Furlong is clearly not a gentleman, and perhaps neither am I for giving this matter more attention that it ever deserved.

Below: General Hayden's response to the allegation


Blogger Joseph said...

Well, let's not get into who is or is not a gentleman. I was flipping through the Starr report just now -- the end bit, with Monica's emails, where she discusses her post-Clinton sexual activity. Publishing THAT stuff was ungentlemanly.

And perhaps I was not a gentleman to read it. Neither were the millions of others who bought that book. Perhaps we no longer live in a world of ladies and gentlemen.

Seriously, I must confess that for a while there, I was wondering if Furlong faked all documentation on his site. I mean -- who knows? He is clearly the sort of fellow who might go to such lengths.

But after I look back on the whole thing, I cannot help but wonder why he focused on Hayden. Few people outside the NSA knew or cared about Hayden at the time. Who know? Maybe the accusation had some validity!

Alas, when the person making the claim acts in such a bizarre manner...

My suggestion that "Furlong" may not exist was based on his internet trail. In newsgroups, personal blogs, and chats he has been known to adopt a female persona. This alter ego, named Julie, has a completely different history. In the end, I was left wondering which identity was real: Kevin or Julie?

2:48 PM  
Blogger gary said...

The official investigation said the adultery allegations were "unsubstantiated." Which doesn't mean they weren't true, of course. Furlong had photos and video of himself and Erika, but obviously none with Hayden or others. The letter from Hayden's attorney (which I just added) is dated 2002, so obviously Furlong has been making this allegation for a while now.

3:00 PM  

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