Wednesday, May 31, 2006

This document can be found online at Box 1, Folder 8, Item 36 The subject is Jack Ruby stripper Janet Conforto, aka Jada, who was apparently in a big hurry to get out of town the day the President was assassinated. Here are some photos of Jada below:

From Harvey & Lee by John Armstrong, pages 801 and 802 (thanks to Ronald R. Williams who posted this excerpt on the JFK Assassination Forum:

Shortly after 12:00 noon, as employees of the TSBD were lining up on the street to await the Presidential motorcade, the former star attraction of the Carousel Club, “Jada,” was in a hurry to leave Dallas. While driving her 1963 Cadillac convertible (Louisiana license number 941-985) Jada struck pedestrian Charles Burnes as he was crossing Lemmon Avenue. Burnes, who worked for Texas Estimates in Dallas, was taken to a clinic where he was examined and x-rayed for possible injuries. Jada, who was also taken to the clinic, was nearly hysterical and repeatedly cursed at Burnes. After she calmed down Jada used the telephone to call a man who arrived within a few minutes in another Cadillac.

Jada was interviewed by security people who were employed by Texas Estimates and provided a statement. When Jada told them she was employed at the Carousel Club (she was not working there at the time), they asked her if the could get in touch with her later at the Club. Jada said, “No,” and told the security people the Carousel Club would not be open that evening, and she was in a hurry to get to New Orleans.

The pedestrian, Charles Burnes, thought Jada’s comment about the Carousel Club closing was unusual because Friday nights were normally very busy for nite-clubs. While at the clinic, Burnes listened to news reports as they came in over the radio about the shooting of President Kennedy. Following the assassination, the Chief of Security of Texas Estimates provided the information collected by his security people to the FBI. (36)

NOTE: On November 26 FBI agents W.J. Danielson, Jr. and William F. McDonald attempted to locate “Jada.” From the Louisiana State Department of Motor Vehicles in Baton Roughe they learned the Cadillac was registered to Jeanette Conforto whose address was 627 1/2 St. Peters Street in New Orleans. They checked the St. Peters address as well as the address listed for Conforto in the telephone directory but were unable to locate her. (37)

36. Memo from Frank E. Meloche to Jim Garrison, 3/11/67, re: Charles Burnes. (p 844)

37. National Archives, HSCA 180-10046-10327, FBI case files 44-24016-355; FBI teletype from SAC New Orleans to Director and SAC Dallas re: Jeanette Conforto, 11/26/63. (p 844)

For more photos of Jada (you perverts) see:


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Anonymous Alan said...

Rather interesting research, thanks for sharing this. Left here wondering why Jada would have known well in advance that Jack Ruby would be closing his club down later that evening.

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