Monday, October 03, 2005

Smoking gun? This is last page of a document that someone was selling on e-Bay a while back. The seller was asking a lot of money for the unredacted version which he said named names in the JFK assassination conspiracy.


I assume you realize there is no statute of limitations in obstruction of justice in a murder and the crap pulled [deleted] and then on me of very recent vintage is all part of the C.I.A.'s [deleted] coverup originally planned by [deleted], and continued by [deleted] after [deleted] was canned [deleted] during the exposure of James Jesus Angleton's attempts to peel the Oswald disinformation story cover away from [deleted]. When [deleted] was replaced by [deleted] the crap really go thick, and necessitated the demise of [deleted] by [deleted] since Angleton had threatened Coley with leaking the plot between [deleted] and [deleted]. The only way out was to [unclear] [deleted]. The reason I know this is that [deleted] in mid 74 threatened to expose the then secret white house file on [deleted] to block the impeachment by blowing off the multi-tiered coverup by [deleted] and [deleted] of their killing of Kennedy. [Deleted] responded by having [deleted] prematurelyl suface the smoking gun tape and cut us off at the pass.

It goes without saying that if you analyse the [deleted] carefully you can see how much effort has been given internally by [deleted] and [deleted] to the coverup, inside C.I.A.

[deleted] you've got the confession you've all needed. I'm sure [deleted] can track it down without much trouble and if you got on it right now and have [deleted] trigger the story on the release of the wave of the [deleted] release your Holy Grail will be a success. [deleted]

Notice that all the names have been deleted by the seller except two: "Angleton had threatened Coley with leaking the plot between [deleted] and [deleted]. "


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