Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Terror Alert Update

So, the incredibly suspiciously-timed New York subway terror alert turns out to be a hoax.


Sources: N.Y. subway threat tip a hoax

From Kelli Arena
CNN Washington Bureau

Tuesday, October 11, 2005;
A New York City police officer stands near a subway turnstile at Penn Station on Tuesday.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Information that led to heightened security for the New York City transit system was a hoax, government sources said Tuesday.

Government sources said the three men arrested in Iraq with suspected links to the possible plot had been interviewed and underwent lie detector tests showing they knew nothing about such a plan.

From the beginning The Department of Homeland Security rather publically challenged the terror alert, at first anonymously and then through public spokesmen. A Fox News analyst put it down to "turf wars". As usual the mainstream media seems to have missed the main story. Most of the attention has been on local authorities vs. Dept. of Homeland Security but the real conflict would seem to be between Homeland Security and the Bush administration. The Congress should investigate the whole matter.


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