Wednesday, October 12, 2005

An Insight into the Bush Administration

Clint Curtis (see my links under Heroes) is best known for his affadavit concerning computer vote fraud. He also provides a fascinating insight into a perspective of the Bush adminstration from now Congressman Tom Feeney, who has close ties to the Bush's. Here are some excerpts from conversations between Feeney and the owners of Yang Enterprises that Clint overheard as "A Fly On the Wall", from his book of that name.

On privatization:

In Feeney's own words "the inconsequential Republicans will follow based solely on the perceived opportunities, but the companies that support the party are the companies that will receive the actual benefits."

Clint Curtis calls this "pirate-ization."

Most small businesses were to be gradully squeezed out of being able to do business with the government. "Connected" large businesses being awarded far-reaching contracts would be easier to monitor and reduced the possibility of too much information getting out.

On George W:

Feeney always said that Jeb was the brightest of the Bush boys. While older brother Neal had promise, his felony convictions for fraud had permanently tainted his ability to enter politics. George W. had always been regarded by the family as "a little slow". "Just a bit retarded by Bush standards" to quote Feeney.

On elections:

In Florida, if George Bush could keep the election close, Feeney bragged that he could reduce the the minority vote and deliver the election to George. He had already implemented a list that would eliminate thousand of voters that would vote for the Democratic candidates. He also mentioned that the proper placement of police patrols could further reduce the black vote by as much as 25%.

On deficits:

"It didn't matter what sort of deficit might be created, by the time it was over they would all be very rich."

On national security:

The Bush people were going to capitalize on an event that would allow them to lead through fear. "If you can keep people afraid they are easy to manipulate."

The Bush peoples plan was a strategic occupation of the Middle East. Iran, Iraq, and Syria were the first to be invaded and occupied.

The Bush people, including Feeney believed that the Iraqis, Iranians, and Syrians would not put up much of a fight.

Feeney stated "The Kennedy's were just want-to-be's, the Bush's are the Caesers".


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