Friday, October 28, 2005

A Prescient Warning in 1961

Concerning the Future of the JFK Presidency

The Presidential Motorcade In Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963
Report from Federal Bureau of Investigation

Dated December 9th, 1963

_____ H. Garrick, 3150 Old ___ Road, Bridgeport, Connecticut, employed as a cost accountant at the H.B. Ives Company of New Haven, Connecticut, furnished the following information:
Garrick advised that as a shareholder in the Rutland Railway Corporation ______ Vermont, he attended a stockholders meeting of that corporation at Rutland, Vermont, in April of 1961. He advised that among others present at that meeting were the following described individuals:

Frank C. La Grange, who he advised is the owner of La Grange & Company, 61 Broadway, New York City, and whom he further described as an investment banker, financier and a member of the Board of Directors of the New York Central Railroad; _____ A. Bruno, whom he described as a railroad securities advisor for the Wall Street ____ ; L. James Gumpert whom he described as a retired former Vice President of Bon-Ami Corporation, presently Vice President of the B.T. Babbit Company and also a member of the Board of Directors of the ______ Railway Corporation.

Garrick advised that following this meeting of the Board of Directors of the Rutland Railway Corporation held in April of 1961 he had lunch on the same date with the above three mentioned individuals at a small restaurant, name unrecalled, located across from the freight yard on a side street opposite a large parking lot which had formally been the location of the railroad station in Rutland. Garrick stated that during conversations at this luncheon, La Grange while in the midst of a tirade against labor unions and the Government, made a statement "mark my words President Kennedy will not finish his first term". Garrick stated that he asked La Grange to amplify his statement. He stated that La Grange then said that Mr. Kennedy was not favorable toward business and that there was a group with a lot of money who wanted to put Mr. Johnson in the President's position but he stated that he could not go into the identities of the individuals in the group. Garrick further stated that he then asked La Grange what he meant by stating that President Kennedy would not finish his term. At this point Garrick was quite vague and reports La Grange as having stated either that Mr. Kennedy would meet a violent end or had used some words to that effect.

Garrick was unable to furnish any further information concerning this incident other than to state that the remarks which he attributed to La Grange had been made also in the presence of Bruno and Gumpert.

Inquiry at The LaGrange Company, 61 Broadway, New York, New York, revealed that Mr. Frank C. La Grange had died on June 13, 1964.


Blogger Witness said...

I've read about this LaGrange elsewhere. It's true, business did not like Kennedy. I've noticed that LaGrange died in June 1964. Could he be another dead "Witness"?


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