Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Racism in the Conservative Movement

Recently I read the July-September issue of Citizen's Informer, the newspaper of the Council of Conservative Citizens. Page 5 has columns by major conservative activists Patrick Buchanan, Phyllis Schlafly, and Larry Pratt. Page 4 has an editorial on Hurricane Katrina titled Hurricane Katrina and a Racial Watershed. What lessons have we learned from the response to Hurricane Katrina, according the the editorialist?

As this issue of the Citizens Informer was nearing press time, we were witness to the most egregious spectacle of savagery and barbarism ever before experienced in these United States. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, especially in the black-run city of New Orleans, brought rioting, looting, and criminality, a complete breakdown of social order.

It was difficult to take in all the reports that were coming out by the minute. Accounts of little children--girls and boys--being gang-raped, rescue vans and copters being repeatedly fired upon by mobs of violent blacks. Anarchy, chaos, confusion, looting even by black police officers.

Aside form the obvious lessons that should be drawn form this horrific example of widespread Negro misbehavior, we witnessed something else--whites at various shelters huddling together for safety, with their women kept in the center for protection. This was the only hopeful sign to come out of this great tragedy. When whites' survival was threatened, they banded together.

I am not saying that Schlafly, Pratt, and Buchanan are racists--but, if they are not, why would they allow their columns to appear regularly in this racist rag?

Is this editorial somehow atypical of Citizens Informer? Apparently not. On page 21 half a page is devoted to remarks made by one Jared Taylor at the C of CC Banquet. His presentation was titled "The Color of Crime." Here is part of what he had to say:

I will tell you, for aesthetic reasons alone, I thing we have every justifiable reason to want our society, our country, our communities, to be white--I like the way my people look!


Anonymous ce399 said...

I think it’s safe to conclude Pat Buchanan is a racist. Or at the very least, a “white nationalist.” Considering the following: his writings have appeared in the Liberty Lobby’s (no defunct) Spotlight magazine; he was the speechwriter and driving force behind Reagan’s trip to the Nazi SS cemetery in Bitburg, Germany; he was (or might still be) sympathetic to the political aspirations of David Duke; he has characterized the gassings at Treblinka as "group fantasies of martyrdom;" he has called Hitler "an individual of great courage.”

Of course, none of this is ever brought up when he appears on the McLaughlin Group, Fox News or C-Span. No one really knows he’s a Nazi disguised as just another respectable conservative pundit when he appears on TV.

That isn’t to say I don’t enjoy listening to his mumblings; he is fairly entertaining. And at least he isn’t yet another Republican hypocrite. Pat’s not afraid to speak his mind, that’s for sure.

A whole laundry list of Buchanan quotes can be found here:


I’m sure you can dig up plenty of dirt about Schlafly as well. She’s a pretty despicable old wretch. I’m not sure about Larry Pratt.

Anyway, the entire quotation you posted sounds like talking points similar to those that can be found at any white nationalist discussion forum.


9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A clever person would realize that finding the reporting of negro crime racist is, in its own right, racist.

3:52 AM  

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