Saturday, January 03, 2009

Kenneth J Vrtacnik saw President Kennedy's brain. See this document. Someone should really interview him further about this and about the JFK autopsy photographs.

The document refers to a Joe Scovitch, a secretary at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Joseph Scovitch made a number of interesting posts at the JFK Lancer Forum, including this one.

Those who contributed to substantive changes to the JFK materials on the autopsy, were military men & women employed as staff at AFIP, DC. They told me, in direct conversations, 1984-1986, that they were directed by the Commander/Director AFIP to assist the FBI with the JFK materials. They changed the materials, photos & Xrays, in accord with FBI instructions. They were "made" to sign statements of non-disclosure with the FBI. This is their version, to which I would attest in a court of law, under oath. Their names were furnished by me to Lesar, Weisberg, Fetzer, etc. This is where it stands now.
I have more on this which I may or may not post at a future time.


Blogger Real History Lisa said...

It's worth noting that the CIA was blackmailing Hoover at this time. Hoover personally ran the cover-up, insisting all developments of note re the Kennedy assassination come through his desk.

It's not hard to connect these dots.

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