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'THE COSA Nostra agreed to 'broker' the assassination (of Martin Luther King) for an amount somewhat in excess of $300,000 . . . (James Earl) Ray's contact in New Orleans was with a lieutenant of Carlos Marcello, the Southern Mafia chieftain in New Orleans."
So says a 1968 Justice Department memo that the FBI withheld from the Louis Stokes 1979 congressional investigation into the killings of Dr. King and JFK.

Another story based on the new book Legacy of Secrecy. Links Carlos Marcello with Joseph Milteer and James Earl Ray with Johnny Rosselli.

This dedicated author and investigator notes that neither the CIA nor the FBI was behind the assassinations of JFK and MLK.
I wonder if this new book mentions Myron Billet.

Myron Billett was a messenger and go-between for Chicago Mafia don, Sam Giancana. In January l968 Giancana asked Billett to make the arrangements for "a very important meeting" between New York Mafia leader Carlo Gambino and some government representatives. Billett set up the meeting at a motel in Apalachin, New York, the site of an early l960s mob summit.

Billett said that at the meeting (which he attended) the three representatives of the CIA and FBI asked Carlo Gambino if he would accept a $l million contract to assassinate Martin Luther King. Billett recalled the exact words of Gambino's reply: "In no way would I or the family get involved with you people again. You messed up the Cuba deal. You messed up the Kennedy deal."

The CIA and FBI men said they would make "other arrangements" and departed


Anonymous Tim Fleming said...

For the the full truth of the motive behind the JFK assassination, read "JFK And The Unspeakable," by James Douglass

Tim Fleming
author,"Murder of an American Nazi"

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