Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I didn't cover yesterdays WorldNetDaily story that Soy is making kids 'gay'. WorldNetDaily is one of those "conservative" sites that pretend to be news sites, like Fox News.

The article in question doesn't actually present any evidence that there is a connection between soy products and homosexuality, although the author, James Rutz, claims that such evidence exists--somewhere. Rutz himself has done no scientific research given that he is the pastor of Open Church Ministries. But now it turns out that this is not the nuttiest idea he has. He also believes that God is reanimating corpses today, in at least 52 countries around the world (but always in out-of the-way third-world countries where the claims cannot be properly evaluated. ) Also, God only revives the recently dead for some reason, when he could just as easily, it seems to me, bring back John F. Kennedy, who would be eligible to run for another term.


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and still having more brainz than our current sittting...

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