Saturday, December 09, 2006

Report from Afghanistan

Something significant happened in Kabul on Sept. 8 when a Toyota station wagon packed with explosives rammed two U.S. Humvees at the gates of the American embassy, setting off a massive blast.

The Taliban claimed credit for the bombing, as if to say: We can now strike anywhere. When I interviewed eyewitnesses a few days after the blast, shreds of clothing and a shoe still hung from the branches of a nearby tree. Local shopkeepers described the suicide bomber as “very clean,” “dressed in white” and “wearing eyeliner.” They said he paid $100 for a cigarette just before parking in the spot from which he launched his attack against two American Humvees.
Wearing eyeliner?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Powdered antimony sulfide, which contains lots of lead and is banned in this country, but is used by both sexes and all ages since forever in the middle east and central asia.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

I've heard about this "scam", the Taliban luring unsuspecting trans-sexuals, with the promise of a free sex change, "All you have to do is bring this package over there, and give it to the nice Americans!"

10:04 AM  

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