Tuesday, December 12, 2006

“If he goes to Dallas they are going to kill him”.

So said anti-Castro activist John Martino, as related by his son, Edward R. Martino Ph.D. , who put his recollections together in this document posted on Larry Hancock's site.


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Charles Nicoletti locations/ addresses :
Philip Nicoletti (bro)1448 60th ct Cicero il.
Charles Nicoletti 42,of 2745 Lexington Chicago,had been arrested ,investigated, and released(1955)crap game brick garage rear 936 Laflin 71 men were taken into custody.Newspaper12-12-55 Charles Nicoletti strong arm for Sam Giancana.
Nicoletti(1920)919 congress st chicago il.
(1940)2714 polk st chicago il.(grace/philip)
Date2-26-1929:737 Campbell ave Chicago -Nicoletti shot father drop out school8th grade joined the 42 gang .919 Campbell Ave Chicago IL
(1940)2450 W Lexington Chicago:2745 Lexington Chicago
1807 N Broadway Melrose Park IL(1970s)
1638 N 19th Avenue Melrose(1968) Park.IL
Nicoletti age 50 ,1638 N 19th ave Melrose Park IL.(newspaper 3-14-68).gambling raid 1000 Loomis street corner Taylor Street - businessDistrictChicago in which Nicoletti in rear of groceryowned by wife Agnes Nicoletti.Charles Nicoletti dob12-3-1916 dod:3-29-1977 burial 2 apr 1977 address 6038 N 19th ave Melrose park illinois.
James Files 2924 S 9th Ave Melrose Pk IL
James Files 122 N 22nd AVe Melrose Pk chicago tribune: 12-28-1967Grace Terzo beloved wife Joesph(sam) Terzo ,loving mother Philip(rose) Nicoletti and Charles (agnes) Nicoletti ,grandmother of Arline Nicoletti Micucci ...May 2, 1962, police questioned the two men(Nicoletti/Alderisio) in a car that they had customized into a so-called, "hit mobile"men were sit on floor of car hiding. Marriage registrationCharles Nicoletti and Agnes Raymond(Agastina Raimondi)24June1935LakeIndiana. Chauncey Holt claim He & charles Nicoletti drove from Grace Ranch to Dallas Tx,( Holt, Charles Nicoletti, and Joe Canty from Pete Licavoli's Grace Ranch in Arizona )Holt colleagagues (rogers/Harrelson)apprehended led thru Dealey Plaza photographs taken?(johnny Roselli also on the aircraft that Plumlee/Pearson flew into Dallas on 11/22/63)James Files claim he drove from chicago iltoMesquiteTx LHO came motel went with him to Dallas ,then 11-22-63 Files drove to Cabana Motor Hotel (open1963) pick up Johnny Roselli drove to pancake house which Roselli took envelope from Jack Ruby.(jack anderson said Roselli said he knew jack Ruby) Then Files drove Roselli back to Cabana Motor Hotel Charles Nicoletti came out drove to Dealey plaza.(doubleCross:Nicoletti tells Charles Giancana all about 11-22-63 and 8-5-62?)1934 Nicoletti was arrested on charges for conspiracy and burglary and was sent to trial. He received 1 year probation and a $5,000 fined.May 10, 1943, Nicoletti and Sansone were arrested by the Chicago police for peddling narcotics(drugs).Newspaper March 29,1977 K_llers 2Men chased Nicoletti to Golden Horns Restaurant which Nicoletti got trapped between cars in parking lot (1)man had gun shot nicoletti (2)man had b_mb threw under Nicoletti car? Another Report just said Nicoletti shot by _ car left on caught on fire ?chicago/LasVegasTony Spilotro buddy that betray him Cullotta& Cullotta that buddies of the MM that Cullotta setup for Tony which Alderisio,Nicoletti,Spilotro were involved?Frank Cullotta Said He liked Nicoletti he got along with him, That he was the last person to speak /See Charles Nicoletti march 29,1977 He came to Spankys his bar spent about 1hr talked then he left for meeting about 1hr later friend called that Nicoletti was whacked and that Nicoletti problem he let his power go to his head?

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