Monday, June 19, 2006

Welcome Sploid and Professor Hex visitors - I've been getting a lot of visitors from these two sites due to the Illuminati card game post. Perhaps you would be interested in some of my favorite past items.

From the popular "dead strippers" series: Candy Barr in a tree

JFK assassination research:

David Atlee Phillips: Family Secrets

Is Jack Ruby Alive?

Is Jack Ruby Alive: Part Two

Clay Shaw: "highly paid contract source"

Reasons of State: Part One

Reasons of State: Part Two

Ned Touchstone, David Ferrie and Jim Garrison

Ned Touchstone's Assassination Investigation

Also, for all my readers, I would like to put in a plug for my other websites, which only get a handful of visitors a week. They can be found in the Research Projects section of my links.

First, the McCone-Rowley document Is it proof that Oswald was CIA or a clever hoax?

Second, I have two sites devoted to the Gemstone File. Perhaps you've seen the Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File, a well-known dubious document. But have you seen the massive 350 page Gemstone document that the Key is a key to? It can be found here. For more Gemstone info see my Gemstone blog , which I will be adding more info to soon.


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