Sunday, June 18, 2006

Luis Angel Castillo: Hypno-programmed assassin?

William Kelly has posted this interesting nine page document. I have a Castillo document giving more info on his interrogation under hypnosis which I will dig out.

5. Cable, dated 19, 1967, from [Redacted] to Headquarters. Paragraph one of the cable reads as follows: “During first two weeks of April, subject underwent consecutively truth serum, truth serum-hypnotism, and hypnotism during interrogations at [Redacted].* {footnote #1- [Redacted] appears to stand for the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation. While confirming some earlier points in his sworn statement, subject consistently maintained he among 14 other Cuban intel agents who deployed along street in Dallas on day President Kennedy was assassinated. He stated that after assassination accomplished by people other than Oswald, he and a companion flew to Chicago. He said pilot and operation were directed by Russian looking women named Jean Dole of Two Chipawa Court, Madison, Wisconsin.
6. Cable dated April 21, 1967, from Headquarters to [Redacted]. (signed by William E. Colby, Chief, Far-East Division) Paragraph one reads: “Para 1 [Redacted] 9456 [cable referred to in paragraph five above] has created a strong reaction here. Although inclined agree [redacted] evaluation Castillo aka Eloriaga Reyes case, there are disturbing verifications of story and lines to other individuals.


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