Monday, June 19, 2006

Fraud in Ohio in 2004 Election (with thanks to Professor Hex)

On July 29, 2005, Richard Hayes Phillips, PhD testified at an Election Assessment Hearing in Houston, Texas and said, "I have investigated the Ohio election results, precinct by precinct, and have found three categories of problems: voter suppression, ballots cast but not counted, and alteration of the vote count."
In another move directly calculated increase traffic jams at the polls, on election day, the GOP sent out 3,600 operatives to challenge voters in 31 counties in mostly predominantly black and urban areas. For instance, in Hamilton County, 14% of new voters in white areas were confronted at the polls, compared to 97% percent of new voters in black areas, according to the November 2, 2004 Columbus Dispatch.
Inner-city black voters who stuck it out waited 3 hours in the rain, on average but some waited up to seven hours, according to election officials and sworn testimony by local voters, while nearby white Republican voters had virtually no delays. The waiting time at liberal Kenyon College, in Knox County, reached eleven hours, while voters at a nearby conservative Bible school got to vote in 5 minutes.


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We are all fools, and future generations will ask why there wasn't more violence.

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