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Ned Touchstone's Investigation of the Assassination

Our first real break in the case came as the result of a tip to the Dallas District Attorney's office to the effect that Oswald in applying for a job in New Orleans once gave Jack Ruby as a reference. A Mississippian, Elmore Greaves, had heard this in a casual conversation and passed it on.
Someone--I don't know who--told the Dallas DA that Ned Touchstone was studying the assassination and would be a good man to run down the rumor. An assistant district attorney phoned me, and twenty minutes later Courtney Smith (my Watson!) and I were on the way.

We learned in New Orleans that federal agents had jealously and zealously erased parts of Oswald's trail. We picked up a potful of fresh leads an an awesome regard for the way key evidence disappears behing the iron curtain of federal bureaucracy.
More people were working to cover up the facts than were trying to sincerely unmask the assassination plot.
At the state employment service in New Orleans we sought a list of firms at which Oswald had applied for work, and other useful information about his work record. A Mr. Messina showed a handwritten "receipt" dated Nov. 26, 1963, and signed by John B. Lee, a federal who grabbed extensive state records on Oswald.

(If those records are in the Warren Report, I haven't found them.)


Blogger Patrick Henry said...

"Our first real break in the case came as the result of a tip to the Dallas District Attorney's office to the effect that Oswald in applying for a job in New Orleans once gave Jack Ruby as a reference. A Mississippian, Elmore Greaves, had heard this in a casual conversation and passed it on."

Wow, you certainly are naive. Do you even know who Elmore D. Greaves was? Why would you believe him for a minute?

1) He was known as The Klan's Lawyer
2) He raised money to support the legal defense of Byron DeLa Beckwith, Sam Bowers and the killers of The Freedom Riders
3) He headed up the U.S. delegation to The World Anti-Communist League after The Pioneer Fund's Roger Pearson and just before Ray S. Cline who was
in The Manchurian Candiate as an anagram. John Yerkes Iselin transposes into "John E. is Rey S. Kline" or Johnny is Ray S. Cline.
4) He was a friend of both James Eastland, Guy Banister and Wickliffe Draper as well as Edwin A. Walker all of whom also framed The Oswald Legend with a parade of lies, distortions and fabrications.
5) He was a Mississippi cotton plantation owner whose great grand-daddy was bankrupted when Lincoln freed the slaves and he still held a grudge for that.

What planet do you live on? How could you possible believe or trust someone who was probably the conduit of money to Byron DeLa Beckwith straight from Wickliffe Draper?

Greaves was just another Oswald legend builder, a racist, someone with KKK beliefs and attitudes and he joined the White Citizens Councils and the NSRP of Joe Milteer and J. Strom Thurmond who appears in The Manchurian Candidate as Senator Thomas Jordan on almost a perfect letter for letter basis making it yet anothr anagram which I know you like so much.

Please. Get a grip. Greaves was a Draper clone and someone who could not be trusted on any aspect of the JFK case or on the Oswald framing. Sheesh!

Have you ever even read The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon? It is FULL of anagrams, word plays and hidden meanings.
You should enjoy it and try to understand it, too.

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Blogger yyyyy said...

Hello, I stumbled upon your blog quite by accident. It all began with a Google search I did out of boredom...I randomly Googled names of classmates I had been known during college years at Ole Miss.

Although Ole Miss is an extremely social environment and one feels as if they know almost everyone, I spent two years getting to know the family (at leat this is what I thought at the it turns out I merely saw a glimpse at the time and had only the slightest inclination of things which were confirmed by much of what I read) of my roommate...Henry Greaves. I was welcomed and embraced as if I were a family member...I did not question but noted this was a rare exception to their general rule...I spent months at a time at their home in Madison, MS and if my memory is correct I don't recall ever leaving for even a trip down the road to Jackson...

I now live in San Diego, California. I have been here ten years. I believe the last person I saw prior to moving out West was in fact Arnie...Mr. Greaves, at this point, was not as lucid as he had been just a few years earlier. Somewhere in a box I have some letters he wrote to me. One was just prior to graduation..interesting to me now is the similarity of type in the letter addressed to Mr. Johnson and written by Mr. Greaves...

I cannot say I had no idea. I found the family to be fascinating and part of this may have been the sense of a history (though a very dark one) but my goodness I was speechless after my slight suspicions and things I had thought about at the time unfolded right before my eyes on my laptop!

I have many photos and would be happy to share more of this very odd period of my life. They are in an album on my bookshelf I believe. A painting, which was a gift for my birthday, was painted by Eleanor Greaves (Sutherland) of two chickens from the farm...

This truly was an eye opener...

Sincerely, matt

3:19 AM  
Blogger yyyyy said...

3:22 AM  
Blogger Patrick Henry said...

How are Elmore and Henry related? How old would Henry be today if he is still alive? What can you tell us about their so-called dark history if anything at all?

6:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who are you? Can you say this about a family? Clearly Matt didn't care to elaborate on the so called dark history of the Greaves family. Would love to see his photos.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elmore is Henrys father, henry is in his 40's now

11:00 PM  

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