Thursday, August 11, 2005

Is Jack Ruby Alive?

I first became interested in the JFK assassination after the Oliver Stone film JFK. Shortly after that time I came across an article in one of the supermarket tabloids to the effect that Jack Ruby might still be alive. My memory is vague but as I recall the story a woman who knew Ruby claimed to have received a telephone call from him after his "death" from cancer. Gary Mack, Curator of the Sixth Floor Museum, confirms that he saw this article as well, and hopefully one of these days he will come across it again and send it to me.

There was another story along this line in Final Judgement by Michael Collins Piper. I don't have the book in front of me but the story was that a woman who knew Ruby claimed to have recognized him on a television news story boarding a flight to Israel, again after his alleged death.

I recently came across a third reference along the same lines:

From The Village Voice, February 6, 1978, The Oswald Connections: Bad News for the CIA, by Alexander Cockburn & James Ridgeway

Though already dismissed as a baseless rumor, the allegation that Jack Ruby is still alive and was given a new identity by the Central Intelligence Agency was not dreamed up by the veteran conspiracy buffs but was, in fact, advanced by a former employee of the agency itself. The Ruby story--to the effect that the CIA, in cooperation with the KGB, sponsored Ruby's murder of Oswald before the latter could disclose damning details of U.S.-Soviet intelligence links--has been put foward privately in recent weeks by Frank Snepp, formerly of the CIA. Snepp recently published Decent Interval, a harsh denunciation of the CIA's conduct in the last days of the Vietnam war.

So is Jack Ruby Alive? Probably not, I would say, but in the Intelligence world just about anything is possible.


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Uaw... Jack Ruby may still be alive? What a story that could be...

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