Wednesday, January 18, 2006

You won't want to miss this story in Joseph Cannon's blog Cannonfire. I had originally thought to post the story myself, but wanted to interview the woman involved first. When that didn't happen (thanks to an alleged associate of hers who accused me of being a right-wing paid agent for asking a couple of simple questions) I dropped the matter. Fortunately, Joseph Cannon has lower journalistic standards (I jest--we're bloggers for God's sake.)

Joseph Cannon did have one reservation about the story:
I cannot help but wonder why a Vegas pro would have anything to do with arranging a tryst between a DC pol and a failed Texas oilman, especially since the two men already knew each other. (You know...back when they were roommates and male cheerleaders.)
I think the point was they needed a discreet source for the black female hooker. Actually, my greatest reservation in this story is that they wanted to hire a woman but then maybe they were looking for something different.

Let me add that I am shocked that a professional dominatrix would so blatantly violate the ethics of her profession by going public with these sordid details about her clients. But then she is running for Governor, certainly a step down ethically from her former vocation.


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