Friday, January 13, 2006

More on the Castro-did-it Documentary:

First, Tim Gratz has reported that "It is my understanding that within the last week the Miami Spanish TV station had a panel of commentators on "Rendezvous with Death" and that the participants included Felix Rodriguez and Antonio Veciana." Felix Rodriguez is well-known for his involvement in the Iran-Contra affair. Antonio Veciana was a well-known anti-Castro leader in the sixties, founder of Alpha 66, one of the most militant groups. In the seventies he reported that he had seen Lee Harvey Oswald in a meeting with his CIA handler "Maurice (or Morris) Bishop, believed to be the late David Atlee Phillips.

Long-time JFK assassination researcher David Lifton, author of Best Evidence, has weighed in on the new documentary, Rendevouz with Death.
According to a debriefing of someone on the Castro household staff conducted by none other than E. Howard Hunt (and testified to by Hunt during his [security classified] 1978 HSCA appearance):

The burden of her story was that a pall of gloom had settled over the Fidel Castro household on the announcement of President Kennedy’s death because, according to her. . . Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Castro were on the verge of working out some sort of an agreement, a detente, if you will, an arrangement which would permit both countries to live without the tensions that had existed.

Security Classified Testimony of Howard Hunt before HSCA, 11/03/78; Record Number 180 –10131-10342
All this new “Mexico City information” — assuming it to be based on factual data — is nothing more than part of the paraphernalia of the Dallas set-up. That’s what I believe was going on in Mexico City, seven weeks before JFK’s death, and much of what follows stems from research connected with my forthcoming work, FINAL CHARADE:Lee Oswald and the Assassination of JFK.
Oswald (who adored JFK, according to his wife Marina) thought he was on a mission sanctioned by Robert Kennedy, the President’s brother, and then Attorney General. Oswald pretended to be an assassin, at the instigation of those who were manipulating him (and deceiving him) and whom he viewed as legitimate handlers. Essentially, Oswald was on a “dangle” mission, and what he did in Mexico City was no more real than his phony offer of “radar secrets” to the Russians at the time of his defection to the U.S.S.R. four years earlier (October, 1959). In his mind, Oswald’s “real” mission was to detect any evidence of an assassination plot; hence, while in Mexico City, he behaved provocatively, and trafficked in “offers” and conversations about such matters. Hence, the Russo-Huismann “evidence.”

Russo and his filmmaker-partner (Wilfried Huismann) have bought into a completely contrived and well acted out play — let’s call it the Jim Angleton Magic Show — decades after the event (42 years later, to be precise); and they are presently attempting to foist a discredited story on the public, virtually blaming Castro for JFK’s assassination in 2006.


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