Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Documentary Says Castro Killed Kennedy

Filmaker Wilfried Huismann has a new documentary airing in Germany called Rendezvous with Death, developed in conjunction with Gus Russo, author of Live By the Sword, which presents evidence that Fidel Castro was behind the Kennedy assassination.
The film, shown to journalists in Berlin on Wednesday, says Oswald traveled to Mexico City by bus in September 1963, seven weeks before the Kennedy shooting, and met agents at the Cuban embassy there who paid him $6,500.
This would seem to refer to the long-discredited allegations of Nicaraguan intelligence officer Alvarado Ugarte Gilberto, who recanted his story after it fell apart under investigation.

Cuban and Russian sources interviewed in the film say the KGB alerted the Cubans to Oswald in mid-1962 after he left the Soviet Union, where he had lived for three years, and returned to the United States with his Soviet wife and their daughter.

Cuban intelligence first made contact with Oswald in November 1962, according to the film. Huismann also unearthed a U.S. intelligence report shown to Johnson which said Cuban secret service chief Fabian Escalante flew via Mexico City to Dallas on the day of Kennedy's assassination, and back again the same day.

Tracked down by the film maker, Escalante denied he had been in Dallas and evaded questions about Cuba's alleged role. "What is truth, what are lies?" he said, smiling.
A principal source is an alleged former agent of the Cuban secret service G2 named Oscar Marino.

Oscar Marino, who fell out with the Castro regime, said the Cubans were desperate to eliminate Kennedy, an opponent of the revolution who wanted to kill Castro.

"You ask why we took Oswald?" he said to the German film maker Wilfried Huismann. "Oswald was a dissident: he hated his country. He possessed certain characteristics.

"There wasn't anyone else. You take what you can get. . . Oswald volunteered to kill Kennedy."
Castro's intelligence service was and is highly rated and the notion that they could not have found anyone else is preposterous. Moreover, the idea that they would use someone who could be traced back to them, a man who had met with officials at both the Soviet and Cuban embassies, is absurd. The Cubans were well-aware that both embassies were closely monitored by the CIA.

Marino said Oswald was recruited to the secret service organisation by the same agent who had been recruited to kill Castro, a year before the Kennedy assassination.

"In other words the very man Robert Kennedy recruited to kill Fidel Castro hired his brother's murderer," Huismann said.

KGB files released in Moscow document a meeting between Oswald and the Cuban, who is now a retired surgeon living in Madrid.

Interviewed for the film, however, he denied any connection to Oswald, calling it an "outrageous lie".

This would be Rolando Cubela, who was intimately involved in the CIA's plots to kill Castro. If Oswald met with Cubela it would be interesting indeed.

Acccording to Gus Russo, in his statement posted yesterday by Bill Kelly on John Simkin's Forum, the film contains first-ever interviews with:

• Former senior G-2 agent (Cuban Intel)
• Former G-2 employee who had access to the G-2’s HQ files on Oswald

• The G-2’s former HQ file archivist
• Former G-2 security officer at Cuba’s Mexico City Embassy
• A source inside the Russian Secret Service Agency FSB, with access to the “encrypted” KGB and G-2 files on Oswald (heretofore unknown in the West), located in the KGB’s Moscow HQ Archives
• The family of Pedro Gutierrez; he saw Oswald leave the Cuban compound with Cuban intel officers.
• Laurence Keenan, the FBI man sent to Mexico City by Hoover days after the assassination.
• Elena Garro de Paz, who attended a Mexico City party with Oswald and Cuban officials


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