Thursday, January 19, 2006

Since today is General Robert E. Lee's birthday I would like to take note of the connections between General Lee and Lee Harvey Oswald. It is not a coincidence that his first name was "Lee" and his brothers first name was "Robert." According to Robert Oswald:

The Oswald family tree dated back to colonial times. He'd learned as a child that he was a fifth or sixth cousin of Gen. Robert E. Lee, which explained why he had been named Robert Edward Lee Oswald Jr., and his little brother Lee Harvey Oswald.

Life magazine's February 21, 1964, profile of Oswald quoted Peter F.Connor, who'd served with Oswald in Japan: "He was a real oddball. He used to bring up all this stuff about his name, Lee. He was proud of it because he said he was named after Robert E. Lee. He thought Robert E. Lee was the greatest man in history".

According to one of Oswald's marine comrades he was known, after a few drinks, to loudly proclaim: "Save your confederate money, boys, the south will rise again!"


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