Friday, September 30, 2005


Lee Foreman had an interesting post today on John Simkin's JFK assassination forum. The subject of his post was "Allegations of Homosexuality & JFK Assassination" and contained this from retired soldier of fortune Gerry Patrick Hemming:
This was the trend for QK/ENCHANT agents [that is homo- or bisexuality-GB], the threat of exposure during those times was "Draconian" to say the least, especially where these agents were VIP business, military, and political types!!

As you know, QK/ENCHANT agents were those who originally were interviewed by the old "00" Domestic Contact Service, and were later given POAs [Provisional Operational Approvals-GB] to be "dispatched" abroad to further increase their knowledge base of targeted persons or entities, and then switched to the control of Angleton's CI operators.

To me it seemed an extremely logical operation, since the MOSSAD and Brits had discovered that this "underground community" was a rich resource, and reached up into the presidential palaces worldwide. Very valuable assets, especially where they were doubled by Western CI divisions amongst our close allies.


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