Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I know that I have been light on the blogging lately so to make it up to you here is a photo of Natalie Portman holding a gun.


Blogger AitchD said...

Another hot Jewess, Gary? Scarlett, Natalie - what, is Yasmine Bleeth maybe a yenta already?

3:06 PM  
Blogger gary said...

I didn't know that Scarlett and Natalie were Jewish, but then since I'm not an anti-semite it did not occur to me. I assume that you are an anti-semite as no one else uses the term "Jewess." Anti-semitism and racism are based on ignorance (and there is really no excuse to be that stupid) and is immoral. Perhaps you will prefer today's photo of Alicia Keyes, who is not Jewish, as far as I know.

4:50 PM  
Blogger AitchD said...

I used 'Jewess' facetiously because some might mistake your exquisite taste for misogyny in these times; had I known you would mistake me for an antisemite, I would have written JILFs on your behalf. Why "were Jewish" but not 'are Jewish'? (Book recommendations: "The Transitive Vampire" and "Woe Is I".) According to antisemites they'll always be Jewish; according to Cannon also, and his former, Jewish guest, dr. elsewhere. Anyway, 'Jewess' isn't a signifier of antisemitism, but your reaction is hypersensitive, very Jew-like even. My favorite version of antisemitic reverse-hypersensitivity: I had arranged for my colleague/friend (an involuntary member of the Hitler Youth) and his fiancee (our former student) to rent my parents' house (they had retired and moved away), which still had the mezuzas on all the doorposts (painted over many times). I was wearing John Lennon window-glass glasses, and Eileen wanted to see what she looked like wearing them. The living room had a wall-size mirror over the fireplace. She put the glasses on, looked at herself, and exclaimed "Eww, I look like a Jew-" but realized who I am, glanced instantly at me and pretended to finish her sentence with "-ish lady". I loved Eileen despite her small-town Pennsylvania antisemitism she couldn't make go away. She wasn't a Jew-hater. I loved Peter also, even though his Nazi indoctrination would come out when he got drunk (he caught a fly in mid-air and said to me "No Jew can do that"). He was also a victim of the "Jewish mystique" and adored me all out of proportion to my ordinary abilities. Wow, that photo of Alicia Keyes looks just like Peter's friend from Hamburg who visited him during the holidays one year and was a member of the Baader-Meinhof Group, except she was blonder.

7:56 PM  
Blogger gary said...

Well, glad to hear that you're not an anti-semite. I had considered that you were making an attempt at humor but way over my head, I guess. I don't think the word "Jewess" is anti-semitic in itself but it is not in general use except by such. JILF, I like that. Your comment surprised me because I was totally unaware that the two women are Jewish.Grammar was not my best subject so I'm not sure if "were" or "are" would be better here.

6:20 AM  

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