Saturday, June 14, 2008

Governor's daughter comes out as teen-age lesbian

Katherine Patrick, 18-year old daughter of Massachusets Governor Deval Patrick has come out as a lesbian. Good for her. As you know, this blog is pro-gay, and particularly pro-teenage-lesbian. If Katherine should choose to post photos of herself kissing other teen-age lesbians on her Facebook page we will happily cover the story.
Katherine, who will enroll in Smith College in the fall, says she began feeling attractions to women during the summer between her sophomore and junior years of high school. (She graduated from St. Andrew’s School in Delaware.) She wasn’t sure if that meant she was a lesbian or bisexual, despite the urging of a close friend to, "pick a label, pick a label." But it wasn’t until after she joined her father in last year’s Boston Pride Parade - the first time in the country’s history that a sitting governor joined Pride festivities -that she became comfortable with the lesbian label.


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