Saturday, June 21, 2008

The latest Newsweek poll shows Obama leading McCain by 15 points. I wonder if Joseph Cannon still thinks that "ALL Obama supporters are PSYCHOTIC!" At any rate, it looks like Obama just might be able to win without his support.


Anonymous DHSmd said...

Good point. Not sure Cannon is worth mention any more than the rest of teh crazies on this Internet - you know, the CD Freaks, Fake Moon Landing proponents, and Unitary Executive Aficionados.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous jacktheokie said...

I truly appreciate your attempts at stopping the Cannonfire trainwreck, but he just is in a 'hate' zone. I only read some of his 'comments' section now, just to get a flavor of the trolls and true believers that now frequent the place. His was my first stop for two years, but no more. It's hard to imagine just what Obama may have done to deserve this kind of hate from those who profess to have been one of our kind. It may be projection on their part, but why? All candidates who reach this level of political involvement are necessarily corrupted in some way, but in my 50 plus years of voting I have seen worse, for sure. And if those who rant against the Democratic nominee really think a Republican would be better than ANY Democrat, they have not been aware for the past 8 years! This nation is governed right now by corporations and tyrants, and our distribution of wealth is more skewed to the Haves than ever in our history. This administration has methodically set into place the policies that will continue to allow this to happen if we don't try to stop it. I think the trolls have taken over Joe's site and are stroking some sort of warped ego that he has manifested. I shake my head in wonder and sadness. Maybe he should post a couple of Candy Barr pics and just lighten up. Again, thanks for trying to redirect his present rant.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Hyperman said...

poor Joseph, no wonder he has no friends, no job and nothing in front of him. His ego is the main enemy of rational thinking since he's on a revenge rampage. He was insulted by some jerks who pretended to support Obama, so he must now punish them ALL with the only weapons he knows: words and cartoons. Some people are stupid like that. He has a lot of talents, but no emotional intelligence. And with his sweet personality, don't expect him to get over it soon, he will prefer to make a total fool of himself and loose all credibility before admitting he was wrong.

Some kids also thinks that hurting themselves is a good way to punish their parents.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous jacktheokie said...

I just left two comments today about Joe's post on Obama's family, suggesting he do articles about McCain's family and maybe getting on to Nader for his 'trying to be white' comment about Obama. Both got scrubbed and didn't show on his comment section. This is pretty hypocritical. And I gave money to his 'lady-on-the-couch' call for help. I hope he continues to publish your comments there. It's one of the only voices of reason left on his blog site. How the mighty have fallen. His recent stuff is beyond the pale.

10:12 PM  

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