Friday, June 23, 2006

Conservative Columnist calls Democrats Traitors

I have noticed a disturbing trend in recent years of personalities on the Right using the language of treason to describe people on the other side. The vile Ann Coulter is one example. Hal Lindsey, the bestselling author of several nutball religious books, including The Late Great Planet Earth, has a regular column on WorldNutDaily. Today he describes 39 Senators as Quislings because of a vote they cast on Iraq.

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate rehabilitated Vikdun Quisling's historical legacy somewhat, with at least a third of the Senate suggesting by their own vote that Quisling was really a patriot.

After all, all he did was betray the best interests of his nation, his military and his countrymen to further his own personal political ambitions.

I believe this is what 39 senators did when they voted in favor of the Feingold-Levy amendment demanding a withdrawal of U.S. forces from the Iraqi battlefield.
It is more than disingenuous; it is deliberately dishonest to say that such an action does not give aid and comfort to the enemy. Indeed, the practice of granting aid and comfort to the enemy in order to disgrace the sitting administration is so prevalent that it even has an acronym – ACE.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

EE Cummings was imprisoned during WWI to stay with his friend and because he failed to grasp that one could not love France without murderously hating all Germans.
Hal Lindsay is using bad patriotic logic, like the Frenchmen who imprisoned EE Cummings.
Therefore, Hal Lindsay is a cheese-eating surrender monkey. There's even an acronym to prove the frequent need to invoke this fact, HICSUM.

8:40 AM  

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