Monday, January 23, 2006

Imperial America

I have just finished reading Gore Vidal's book of essays Imperial America and thought I would share a few quotes. I do not always agree with him but he is always provocative. Vidal maintains that in America there are really only two political factions; "conservatives, amusingly called liberals" and the radical right.

To assume wartime powers without a war is something new under the American sun, requiring a blizzard of lies.

Without a plurality of the popular vote and without, it would seem, carrying the Electoral College (many Florida votes were never counted at all), Bush was allowed to take office without actually winning the election.

Although there has never been a left wing in the United States, certain gentle conservatives like to think of themselves as liberals, as defenders of the environment, enemies of our dumber wars.

The carnival of our presidential election goes on and on, costing tens of millions of dollars, while the candidates, smile, shake hands, and try to avoid ethnic jokes and the demonstration of any semblance of intelligence.


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