Monday, January 18, 2010

Pat Robertson and the Haitian pact with the devil

Obviously the good Reverend knows something about Satan as the above photo clearly shows. Recently Pat Robertson blamed the earthquake in Haiti on an alleged pact with the devil made in 1791, a fabrication according to this CNN story. Other reports indicate it's all true.

It is a matter of well-documented historical fact that the nation of Haiti was dedicated to Satan 200 years ago. On August 14, 1791, a group of houngans (voodoo priests), led by a former slave houngan named Boukman, made a pact with the Devil at a place called Bois-Caiman. All present vowed to exterminate all of the white Frenchmen on the island. They sacrificed a black pig in a voodoo ritual at which hundreds of slaves drank the pig's blood. In this ritual, Boukman asked Satan for his help in liberating Haiti from the French. In exchange, the voodoo priests offered to give the country to Satan for 200 years and swore to serve him. On January 1, 1804, the nation of Haiti was born and thus began a new demonic tyranny.

According to a Salon story Rev. Robertson is wrong. The Haitians did not make a deal with Satan, they made a deal with Petwo.

Part of the revolution mythology is that one of the revolution leaders sacrificed a pig in Bois Caïmin in a voodoo ceremony and made a contract with Petwo [Haitian voodoo spirits]. It may or may not be true, but to call that a pact with the devil is a gross misrepresentation of what voodoo is. It's about anything but the devil. He's imposing an evangelical religious order on a much more sophisticated practice, and he's turning it into a cheap invocation of Satanism.


Blogger A.M. said...

Alas, to Pat it's all the same. Nuance is not his strong suit.

Nice to see you blogging again.

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