Thursday, December 17, 2009


A shocking treasure trove of Kennedy documents, photos - and even a human brain fragment believed to belong to former president John F. Kennedy - have been found in the attic of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s Hyannis Port home. The stunning discovery came when workers recently cleaned out the historic Cape Cod, Mass, house, which originally belonged to Joe and Rose Kennedy, to begin preparations to convert it to a museum.

Update: Apparently the National Enquirer is the source of this story. See here.

"There are some incredible things in the boxes, safes and lock boxes that have been gathering dust for many decades," a longtime family adviser revealed to The ENQUIRER.

One of the most unusual items found in the attic is a tiny fragment of a brain preserved in formaldehyde.

"The family knows that Bobby Kennedy was given part of JFK's brain after his autopsy, and that it was not buried with him," said the family adviser.


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