Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fringe physicist Jack Sarfatti has filed a criminal complaint against Gordon Novel.

“An allegedly armed delusional violent ex-convict felon Gordon Dwayne Novel (DOB Feb 7, 1938, New Orleans LA) allegedly now living in Santa Monica, California and his son Sur Novel, allegedly flying to Los Angeles, California from Bangkok, Thailand to aid and abet his father’s violent threats, have been using the internet to send me harassing e-mails with threats of severe bodily harm including castration, blinding in both eyes, ripping off of ears, breaking of bones. Gordon and Sur Novel have threatened to stalk me and attack me in a restaurant in San Francisco when I least expect it. Gordon Novel has a history of making such violent threats to many people some of whom I have copied in the cc list. I would like to press criminal charges against both Gordon Novel and his son Sur Novel for their violation of Statute 18 U.S.C. § 875(c) and under California Penal Code 422. I will file formal complaints in person with SFPD, SF District Attorney and San Francisco Office of the FBI ASAP.”


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