Sunday, January 24, 2010

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Those who do not learn from history . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

pretty scary when Obama has turned into Bush2 and has essentially continued on with all the policies of the previous Bush adminstration regarding the middle east, dept of justice's continued political persecution of Dems like former Alabama Gov Siegelman, and backing corporate/financial interests by keeping the same old guard in general.

If you're not one of these fanatic Christian zealots like eric prince of Blackwater/Xe, you're going to be considered an enemy of the new corporate/christianist America.

It is insane that the Bush administration is pushing the continued imprisonment of the Gitmo detainnees even though no charges have been filed against them, essentially keeping them imprisoned as to shut them up, to prevent them from getting a chance to tell the world about American torture.

Our country is a few steps away from turning into a full blown Nazi fascist state, we just haven't started up the roundups of undesirables, but I'm sure that's coming soon to a town near you.

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