Thursday, September 04, 2008

She presents herself as a Christian but is Sara Palin actually a Viking?


Anonymous DasGOAT said...

It wouldn't be surprising to discover that our (Heaven forbid) future First Lady was a "viker vabe" TOO ... but no, here she's seen posing not with Vikings but with VANDALS -- football fans personifying the name adopted by the home team at one of her 5 alma maters, the University of I-da-Ho [not a quote from the too-publicly fertile Mrs Palin but conceivably from nubile Bristol].

It was the Vandals, remember, who sacked Rome in 455 AD, bringing about "the end of civilization as we knEw it." So, more accurately as well as appropriately --being a cheerleader for the bad-dream team leading us to some Pyrrhic victory future historians will remember as the "Fall of Capitalism"-- we must describe McCain's running mate as being on the side of the VANDALS.

Might as well lace up our grizzly bear fur coats, put on our baby sealskin hats and join Sarah for a group photo because, thanks to her, we're ALL being Vandalized!

4:53 PM  

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