Thursday, June 26, 2008

According to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll Barack Obama has won over more than half of Hillary Clinton's supporters. Nonetheless, about 23% of them presently plan to vote for John McCain. The rest are undecided or leaning toward other candidates. Obama will no doubt be able to win over some of these, but some of them will be difficult. Like these former Clinton but now McCain supporters:

"It sounds to me like a Middle Eastern type of name and whether or not he's born here in the United States, he doesn't seem like, to me, somebody who is trustworthy," Hartle said in a telephone interview. "You can't trust anybody these days, so who's to say he's not a terrorist and we just don't realize it yet?"
"I refuse to vote for an Arab to be in my White House," said retired salesman Dean Johnson of Lanett, Ala. "That is the only factor. Otherwise, you couldn't break both my legs and make me vote for a Republican."


Anonymous ewastud said...

Frankly, I don't find anything AP prints to be credible. I have a journalist family member who also greatly disparages anything AP. It is among the most corrupt of the mainstream new media.

The poll findings would seem to be inconsistent with other recent polls which say Obama leads McCain by 12 to 15 percentage points overall. Those numbers are not likely to be possible if Obama has not already swung around most, if not nearly all, of the Clinton voters.

3:25 AM  

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