Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Guardian on Obama vs. Clinton

The Clinton campaign has succeeded in boxing him in as the black candidate, rather than one who transcends race, as he prefers to see himself. The Clinton camp denies adopting the tactic though it has been apparent since January.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is what the Wright business is all about. Old White Americans are no longer "all blacks are scary" racists. They have progressed, and now accept Tiger Woods and Colin Powell and Bill Cosby. But they're still terrified of the other blacks, the ones who still are scary, like rappers and dealers and pimps ("oh, my!"), and people who dress like rappers and dealers and pimps, and people who talk like rappers and dealers and pimps. Obama's election depends upon him being Tiger Woods and not Snoop Dogg. The Wright business is all about Snoop Doggifying Obama, about blackifying him. First impressions are everything, and if Obama gets blackified now, he won't be able to re-TigerWoods himself later.

5:32 PM  

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