Thursday, April 24, 2008

This week, McCain is featured in a cover story in the National Examiner, one of the weekly tabloids (and btw, the Examiner does not appear to have a website). The headline: "Shocking Charge: John McCain & Connie Stevens Affair!" There's a photo of John and Connie, arm in arm and all smiles; a subhead next to a mug shot of an unidentified man reads "HE ignited scandal -- then was MURDERED!" Well, this sounds promising, I thought to myself.

Here's the story in short order: a in 1999, a "shady businessman and one-time journalist" named Ron Bianchi went to the Arizona Republic to try to hustle a story that McCain was having an affair with his "friend" and political supporter Connie Stevens. Stevens, in case you don't know, was an actress and minor sex symbol back in the day. She's two years younger than McCain.

Well, apparently the Arizona Republic didn't bite. And here's when things start to get interesting -- in the Examiner's words, "Bianchi wound up dying in a hail of gunfire the following September -- a crime that's never been solved!" Moreoever, McCain himself "was reportedly grilled by cops in Gila County, where Bianchi's body was found."


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