Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Canadian connection in the Martin Luther King assassination

In the worldwide manhunt for Martin Luther King's assassin 40 years ago, the RCMP and Toronto police appear to have overlooked some important clues and never fully nailed down the killer's Canadian connections, a CBC News investigation has found.
Was King assassination 'triggered' in Canada?

For his part, Ray had long claimed that he met a man named Raoul in Montreal in 1967, on his first trip to Canada. It was Raoul, Ray said, who dictated his movements until the day King was assassinated.

However, the U.S. committee's secret investigative plan, obtained by CBC News, goes beyond finding a Raoul.

It actually gives a last name to the infamous Raoul — Martell — and also sought a Rene Martinez, a Marjorie Holmes and a Clifford Andrews "concerning the allegation of a conspiracy to kill Martin Luther King Jr."


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