Friday, May 02, 2008

From the Rigorous Intuition discussion board. Did George Bush Plot to Assassination Jimmy Carter in 1976.

In November, 1975, plaintiff was taken to see a rogue ATF Agent named Ed Truxa. Agent Truxa used plaintiff as an informant in a case involving a Milwaukee gun store.

Then, in 1976, Agent Truxa took plaintiff to an ATF agency meeting in Waukesha County, where he was introduced to George Bush, Sr. During the meeting, plaintiff was told to get handgun and rifle shooting samples for Agent Truxa. Plaintiff was given a written examination and subjected to various "indoctrinations."

At some point, plaintiff was asked to assassinate presidential candidate Jimmy Carter. To assist [*6] him in this endeavor, Agent Truxa gave plaintiff Jimmy Carter's travel itinerary which showed that the presidential candidate was staying at the Pfister Hotel. Plaintiff refused to follow Agent Truxa's orders, which made plaintiff a danger because he knew the individuals responsible for planning the assassination.


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lol, somehow I missed this thread altogether. Thanks Gary. Stop by once in a while.:)

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