Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Was Pat Tillman murdered?

The leftwing of the blogosphere is a abuzz with posts about the alleged assassination of Pat Tillman. Tillman was a well-known football star before joining the military.

Wonkette sums it all up in their story Who Ordered the Execution of NFL/Army Hero Pat Tillman? Daily Kos asks Was Pat Tillman killed on Cheney's or Rumsfeld's orders?

The revelation that medical examiners raised the possibility of murder and that this was covered up is staggering, and the close grouping of three shots in his forehead certainly looks suspicious. Certainly the possibility should have been investigated. Nonetheless, at this point I am leaning to the "friendly-fire theory." The blog The Middle Ground has been running a detailed series on Pat Tillman's death that offers a plausible theory of the case, other than murder. The first post in the series also offers links to the original source material.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can't die by friendly fire if you have not engaged the enemy in a firefight, he was murdered by his own comrades

1:40 PM  

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