Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So far the JFK Airport case, like previous terrorist cases, seems to be much ado about not much. My favorite blogger Joseph Cannon has been raising questions in posts like Terror plot suspect worked for the CIA's airline. It seems one of the suspects, Russell DeFreitas, once worked for Evergreen International Airlines, which is known as the CIA's favorite airline, and no doubt for good reason. Still, referring to DeFreitas as a "former employee of the CIA" is a bit of a stretch. Whatever its CIA connections Evergreen is an airline and no doubt employs a good number of baggage handlers, etc. Joseph also suggests a possible drug-smuggling connection in More on the JFK airport terror plot.

The propaganda and disinformation specialists are all over this story. NewsMax beguiles us with Nuclear Terrorist Linked to JFK Plot and Feds Probe Iran Link to JFK Terror Plot . The headlines are all you really need but go ahead and click the links if you like.


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